7 Reasons Why Every Homeowner Should Pick Up Welding

Welding is like any other skill. The question isn’t actually why you should take it up, but what you can do with it to make the investment worthwhile.

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Welding is like any other skill. The question isn’t actually why you should take it up, but what you can do with it to make the investment worthwhile. That investment includes the time to learn the skills. Learning to weld will also cost you money. You’ll need to purchase equipment, and you might decide to take training courses.

We put together this short, handy list of things you can do around the house once you learn how to weld. It’s not nearly as intimidating as it might look, and the stuff you can do can make your living space look cool and maybe even save yourself some money.


1. Gate and fence repair

If you’ve got a metal fence, you can repair it if you know how to weld. Your newfound skill has the potential to save you a lot of money. You can also install metal gates and fences more easily if you know how to weld because you’ll learn how to connect two different joints. Of course, the welding process will be much smoother if you’re handling the right equipment for the job.

On top of that, you can even learn how to customize your fence in ways that will look unique. One reason why people like wood fences is they look homier and metal looks more sterile. A custom metal fence will look modern and stylish.


2. Build metal frames

One big use of tools is in the construction of tools and things that support their use. Learning to weld allows you to build metal frames that can be used for shelving units that need a little extra strength. This will add vertical storage space. You can also build frames and turn them into metal boxes.

These frames have applications outside your workshop, too. If you have a home fitness center, you might need sturdy shelving units for storing weights and other fitness equipment.


3. Car ramps

Gearheads always need to get underneath the cars they’re working on. That means having some way to get the car off the ground. There are commercially-available ramps that will give you a few feet of clearance. However, if you’re really into tinkering with cars, you might need something more custom made.

The advantage of welding together car ramps is that welds are very strong and will hold to pieces of metal together if done right. Just be sure that the metal can hold the weight of the car.


4. Decorations

Everyone’s décor scheme is a little different. If you have a room dedicated to cars, or you just like shiny metal decorations, welding means being able to make your own.

It’s not just interior decorations, by the way. Metal sculptures are a great way to spice up your yard. They’re also a lot more weather resistant.


5. Build a better barbecue

Let’s say you want to add a smoker chamber to your existing barbecue setup. It’ll need to have a high-enough heat tolerance that won’t start to weaken while you’re cooking.

If you can weld, you can do that. Metal joints won’t be affected by the comparatively low temperatures of burning wood or charcoal. You might find other ways to customize your grill, too.


6. Crafting

Crafting projects include a surprising number of metal objects. This includes projects made out of horseshoes, surplus military equipment, or even old farm implements and tools.

These are things that aren’t pure decorations, but things with utility around the house. For instance, you might want to use a frame of horseshoes to hold your wine bottles. On that note, you can even build a creative setup for your garage, to effectively heat it during the winter. Decorative, practical, and built by the hands of a skilled welder.


7. Metal models

Once you get really good joining two pieces of metal together without leaving a giant seam, you can try your hand at more specialized joints by putting together metal models. The weld is to a metal model what hobby glue is to plastic or wood.

This is an advanced application and might require different equipment. But it is an option and if you’re into building things a great reason to pick up welding.



Welding might not be the first skill you want to pick up as a homeowner. Once you start to master everything else, it’s one that would be worthwhile looking into. You can do a lot of practical things with welding, you can do things that improve your quality of life, and you can do things that make others happy.