A first look at the All-New Apple M2 MacBook Air: Is it worth it?

  (photo credit: AMAZON)
(photo credit: AMAZON)

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Introducing the latest Apple Macbook Air with M2 technology. This powerful laptop packs the latest in computing power and design into an ultra-thin form factor. With its slim profile, 13.6 inch display, Magsafe charger, and intense battery life, the Macbook Air provides an impressive computing experience. Its redesigned bezels, integrated speakers, and 1080p webcam add to the immersive experience. Plus, the increase in performance thanks to the M2 chip means the Macbook Air is up to the task no matter the job. So let's take a deeper look at what the Macbook Air has to offer.

I recently had the opportunity to check out the new M2 Macbook Air. I was really curious about the laptop and what it had to offer as I'd seen a lot of hype about it but wanted to see if it lived up to the claims.

When I got my hands on the device, I was pleasantly surprised at how thin and light it was. At just 11 millimeters across, it was incredibly light and easy to carry around and transport. I also liked the flat design, unlike the wedge-shaped one of the Intel powered Macbook Air. The bezels around the new display were also thinned down considerably and gave the display a more modern look.

The display itself was also a pleasant surprise. With a much higher max brightness of 500 nits and a lower minimum brightness, it was great to use even in dim environments. The webcam was also much improved, with a 1080p resolution.

I was also impressed with the speaker system, as it was much louder than I expected for such a thin laptop. Although there wasn't as much bass and thump as you would find on larger laptops like the Macbook Pro, it was still very good.

My only issue with the laptop was the new midnight color. Although it looked great, the finish was very prone to collecting fingerprints and was impossible to keep clean no matter how often I wiped it down.

Overall, I was impressed with the M2 Macbook Air. Its incredibly light and thin design makes it one of the most portable laptops you can get, and it also has plenty of performance to handle everyday tasks. Although I did notice a performance dip after around five minutes of heavy use, it was still very good and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a lightweight laptop. Get the M2 Macbook Air on amazon

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What are the Design Changes in the Apple M2 Macbook Air?

The two year old wedge-shaped Intel powered Macbook Air has undergone a transformation with the introduction of the Apple M2 Macbook Air. The laptop has been redesigned to optimize the machine and the new M2 chip. The new design is 11 millimeters all around, with thinned out bezels around the 13.6 inch display, and a notch in the top middle. Additionally, the laptop now supports Magsafe plus the color matching braided cable. The laptop also has a higher 500 nit max brightness and a lower minimum brightness for working in dim environments, as well as a new 1080p webcam. Furthermore, the laptop comes in four colors.Get the M2 Macbook Air on amazon

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Comparing the Intel and Apple Silicon Macbook Airs

The Intel powered Macbook Air has been Apple's ultraportable laptop for 2 years, but the transition to Apple Silicon has brought an improved design. The wedge-shape is now flat, and the bezels are thinner. The 13.6-inch screen is brighter with a maximum 500 nit brightness and a low minimum for dim environments. The laptop benefits from MagSafe fast charging and the midnight color is a bold and stylish addition. Get the M2 Macbook Air on amazon

What is the New 13.6 Inch Display?

The new 13.6 inch display in the redesigned Macbook Air is a huge improvement from its predecessor. This new display has a higher 500 nit maximum brightness, a lower minimum brightness for working in dark environments, and a thinner bezel that provides a 13.6 inch diagonal display. In addition, the display also features a new 1080p webcam, making video calls or streaming easier and better than before. With a new display and improved specs, the Macbook Air is sure to provide a better user experience than before.

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What Performance Does the Apple M2 Macbook Air Offer?

The M2 chip inside the Apple M2 Macbook Air offers a great balance of portability and performance. The laptop is incredibly thin and lightweight, perfect for those on the go. Additionally, the M2 chip provides a great boost to the laptop's speed in short bursty tasks such as web browsing or coding. It can also handle multi-stream 4K video editing, even though it is not designed for this kind of use. With the right specs, it can even handle long-term rendering or gaming. The main issue is that the M2 chip must throttle to avoid overheating when used with higher sustained workloads. All in all, the Apple M2 Macbook Air provides an impressive balance of performance and portability.Get the M2 Macbook Air on amazon

How Long Does the M2 Macbook Air's Battery Last?

Apple's latest M2 Macbook Air may be deceivingly expensive, but its battery life makes it all worthwhile. The laptop boasts a claimed 15 hours of web browsing, which in real-world usage translates to an entire work day of use with more than 20% remaining. This impressive performance makes the M2 Macbook Air one of the best laptops for long lasting power. With the 67 watt fast charge, users can easily replenish the battery too, making it great for on-the-go use. Whether working on a long project or gaming, users can be assured that their battery won't let them down.

Is Apple's M2 Macbook Air Worth its Price?

Apple's M2 Macbook Air is certainly a powerful piece of technology for its size. It's 11mm thickness makes it ultra portable and its performance is great for everyday tasks like browsing the web and opening multiple apps. It sports a 13.6 inch display with a 500 nit max brightness and a better 1080p webcam. Get the M2 Macbook Air on amazon

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  • Thinner design and the addition of Magsafe charging.
  • High resolution webcam, 500 nit max brightness and lower minimum brightness for low light conditions.
  • Loud and clear speakers housed in the hinge of the laptop.


  • The Midnight color option is a fingerprint magnet and does not hold up to wear and tear well.
  • Limited USB-C ports further limiting external monitor support and needing an extra adapter for additional ports.
  • Pricey, with the 256GB version proving to be slower than higher spec versions, needing an extra upgrade to the 512GB version.

The new Macbook Air is an ultra portable laptop and a great option for everyday use. It has slimmed bezels, a new 1080p webcam, magsafe and supports fast charging at up to 67 watts. However, the new mid-night color is a fingerprint magnet, and it may not be powerful enough for certain workflows, such as video editing and gaming. The new M2 Macbook Air is pricey, starting at $1,199 and many people would be better off investing in the M2 Macbook Pro as it has more powerful specs and performance. Overall, the new Macbook Air is a good option if you need an ultra portable and don't require high performance specs.

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