Ace your street style with the best accessories from ‘EK Malaysia’

  (photo credit: EK Malaysia)
(photo credit: EK Malaysia)

Want to pull off the coolest street style look that will make everyone think of you as a fashion aficionado? You need the right kind of accessories and jewellery to put together a trendy look. 'EK' is one of the best places for you to shop for jewellery that will complement almost every outfit you pick. There’s a reason why they flaunt their bestsellers on their website. 

Do get your hands on the silver Ankh necklace, which gets sold out quite fast. Not only is it trendy, but it goes with almost all types of looks that you want to flaunt for the day. The Feza silver ring is another pick that is a must-have for your wardrobe. If you want to take it up a notch, you can also go for the Dagger Feza necklace. Pick a loose t-shirt or a sweatshirt, pair it up with a pair of leggings and killer boots. To add final touches to your look, put on the Dagger Feza necklace.

The Virgil Silver bracelet and Iced Out Buckle Cuban link bracelet are yet another pair of jewellery that will give your look an edge. If you are looking for a chic kind of jewellery for your look, you can go for the Dark Blue Sapphire necklace. It will pair well with a pair of sweatshirts and jeans. It also makes for the perfect accessory for your dinner date look. 

Streetwear became a very popular fashion trend from the early 90s and has evolved a lot since then. In fact, even celebrities have been spotted flaunting their street style looks. Nothing is more comfortable than sweatshirts and trousers but to turn it into a fashion trend is definitely a wonderful feat. 'EK' is a Malaysian brand owned by Eric Keok, who started his line of street style jewellery and accessories a few years back.

To maximise the brand’s reach, Eric Keok is ensuring that ‘EK Malaysia’ explores influencer marketing and collaborate with the best content creators. “With this approach, we tend to target different influencers from different categories. I believe that the decision making power of the audience depends on the reviews and testimonials of the influencers”, said the founder. He furthermore revealed that ‘EK Collectio’ is building its presence digitally, and also in the retail markets.

While the designs of 'EK Malaysia' are unique in their way, one thing that has never been compromised is the quality. Eric has ensured that the priority of the brand is its quality products. "Every element and design that goes into making is perfectly crafted and carefully chosen. We make sure that our products bring a smile to customers' faces and they are satisfied with our premium-quality outfits and accessories", Mr. Keok stated.

As we go back to the roots, 'EK Collectio' began its journey with Eric Keok learning the art of jewellery designing. The founder during his college brought his first bracelet which was over-priced but looked eternal. Since then, his love for jewellery blossomed, and the brand came into existence offering different kinds of jewellery accessories for the customers. 

'EK Collectio' in these years has its presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Australia. As the brand continues to dominate the market with its finest jewellery designs and streetwear outfits, 'EK' is looking forward to coming up with a new collection soon. Apart from apparel and jewellery designs, the brand has various other products to offer like shades, purses, bags and wallets among other accessories. 

This article was written in cooperation with  EK Malyasia