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The gambling industry is becoming increasingly relevant in the everyday life of Britons. The causes are numerous, but the most frequent reason invoked by casino experts is the ongoing evolution of online casinos.

The timing and distance are no longer vital variables in the gambling act. The comfort of the player has hence prevailed through the ongoing reign of the online casino games that have become the most popular choice for placing bets.

Our article will walk you through the most recent statistics regarding gambling behaviours in the UK, so you can gain a better understanding of the patterns, preferences, and trends that conditionate the betting process in this country.

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Gambling Behaviors in the UK: Statistics & Facts

The interest in gambling activities is ever on the rise in the United Kingdom. Besides the great evolution of online casinos, several causes encourage several Britons to engage in gambling activities.

It turns out that, in the United Kingdom, gambling is not necessarily frowned upon. People can bring up their betting passion in a casual conversation among friends or working colleagues without being exposed to the stigma that many countries tend to associate with gambling. Moreover, gambling is tax-free in the United Kingdom, so all the winnings are redirected to the lucky players.

According to recent studies undergone this year, it turns out that 47% of the adult population in the United Kingdom has engaged in a certain form of gambling each month. Moreover, while most bettors only engage in gambling as a leisure activity, there are still a few players that regard betting as a professional business, making a real living out of it.

Based on further reports, it turns out that the average middle class and upper-middle-class Briton spends £2.60 on gambling activities every week. For lower-income citizens, every person only spends £1.5 a week on gambling. Based on the numbers reported, the weekly budget for gambling is not signalling a real concern.

On the authority of the same reports, it is highlighted that men tend to gamble more than women. An average of over 51% of the total men population engage in gambling frequently every year. In comparison, only 41% of the female population gamble.

The age factor is also quite relevant in the statistics revealed. While underage gambling still poses a daily threat to the young British minds, the reports show little concern for the matter. It turns out that gambling is most popular among the population aged between 35 and 55. Since during those ages most adults have achieved financial stability, the data provided offers reassurance to the concerned public.

Seniors are also a relevant gambling age group according to 2022’s latest statistics. More than 39% of the people over 65 are gamblers, which is hinted to be closely tied to the loneliness that appears along with the retirement life stage.

Of all the bettors out there, the sports gamblers are most likely to believe that gambling equivalates a real profit. If we are to speak numbers, 35% of the overall sports bettors think their wagers will generate winnings. Additionally, men are more likely to believe their bets are profitable, with an overall average of 31% having great faith in the bets they are placing.

The database provided shows there are over 33.6 million accounts registered within licensed gambling platforms that are currently active. Moreover, it turns out that the average UK gambler has three online casino accounts

As shown in the reports, the UK is definitely a leading player in the online gambling industry on a global level. Actually, it turns out that over 54% of the overall online gambling takes place in Europe, and 15% of this percentage is allocated to the UK alone.

Gambling Preferences in the UK: Everything you need to know

If we want to gain a better understanding of gambling behaviours that prevail throughout the United Kingdom, we must take a closer look at the popular preferences in the country.

Currently, online casinos hold the monopoly for the highest-grossing gambling option in the industry. According to the leaders of this domain, online casinos boast an added level of comfort, commodity, and special offers that successfully appeal to players.

For Britons, when it comes to special bonuses offered by online gambling websites, some are certainly more appealing than others. No Deposit promotions are certainly the most sought since they don’t require any prior money transfer. Free Spins offers are also much appreciated in the United Kingdom, especially if the rotations can be used on popular slot titles, such as Starburst or Book of Dead.

Welcome and First Deposit promotions are also sought after, for they offer further encouragement for users to engage in gambling on a new website and get accustomed to its features and games catalogue.

In terms of preferences, The National Lottery still holds the reign for the most bets placed during last year, right next to online gambling. After so many years of activity, playing the lottery is now part of the overall domestic consciousness of the UK population.

At the moment, online slot games are by far the most popular choice for gambling enthusiasts, with 69% of the overall bettors in the UK choosing to engage in this type of game.

There is also a second favourite type of game that Britons often opt for on online casino websites, and that is the Roulette. It turns out that 16% of the online bettors prefer to play Roulette games over any other game type. Both live and AI-controlled Roulette titles are vastly popular in the UK.

Although online gambling is available on multiple devices, including laptops and tablets, over 50% of online gamblers prefer to use their smartphones when placing bets. This preference is probably due to the great overall use of smartphones in the UK, Britons preferring their mobiles over any other device.

With the overall growth of the online gambling industry, the traditional slot machines are rapidly declining in popularity. It turns out that only 3.7% of British gamblers still prefer playing traditional slots over their online options. Several gamblers have made the transition to online casinos for they are more convenient and tend to offer more substantial winnings.

Besides Roulette, online Blackjack is the most popular option among Britons when it comes to Table Games. It turns out that almost 6% of British gamblers prefer playing Blackjack over any other online casino game.

Several people would be surprised to know that there are many more game options available on online casino websites. From Craps to Bingo games, 1.6% of the gamblers in the United Kingdom would opt for more diverse game categories when placing their bets

When it comes to online gambling, payment methods are a crucial aspect to consider when registering for a new casino. The most popular payment option is using a debit card – since credit cards are no longer supported in UK online casinos due to the UKGC regulations.

Among other popular payment options, we shall mention PayPal, Pay by Phone, and Boku, which are also highly sought. Hence, the more payment options an online casino provides the more chances it has to attract a great number of users.

Gambling Addiction: Learn to recognize the symptoms

According to the latest statistics, over 1.4 million people in the UK are problem gamblers, which translates into 2.7% of the overall adult population of Great Britain. Although not all the people included in the statistics are actual gambling addicts, it's evident that some Britons struggle with keeping their gambling habits in check.

It is always better to prevent an illness than to cure it, as they say. However, preventing a gambling problem is quite difficult, as many refuse to acknowledge the early symptoms, and rather wait until the situation gets out of control.

We find it essential to combat any gambling problem until it develops into an addiction. Hence, recognising the symptoms and seeking help in time is quite vital.

One of the most obvious symptoms tied to developing a gambling addiction is having trouble controlling one’s gambling habits. If you feel like you can’t resist the urge to gamble, and usually lose the track of time when betting online, maybe it is time to take a break and set some self-boundaries.

Being secretive over your betting activity may also signal a problem, for it shows a possible fear of having your loved ones get worried over your gambling behaviour. Hence, always try to seek understanding, and share your passion with your loved ones, so they help you maintain a balance between your everyday life and your betting activity.

If you feel like you can no longer control your gambling habits, it is best to seek specialized help as soon as possible. There is nothing wrong with admitting you have a problem – it’s actually considered incredibly brave in today’s society.

If you are struggling with a gambling disorder, know that you are not alone, and help is just one call away. Individual cognitive and behavioural therapy has proven to be very helpful in helping people overcome their gambling issues.

There are also several statements in favour of group therapy and even medication that helps combat the anxiety that sometimes appears when someone tries to withdraw from gambling. Hence, we highly encourage you to prioritize your mental health over everything else and seek help when needed.

KingCasinoBonus’ Analysis on Gambling Behavior: A wrap-up

When we take a look at the gambling reports provided for the UK bettors, it is easy to notice that gambling is a prominent part of British society. People from every class engage in some form of gambling, for placing bets has been an innate part of the British tradition for decades. But as humans are prone to evolution, so are the gambling methods and preferences.

Online gambling is currently the top choice in the United Kingdom when it comes to gambling, for it is more accessible than venturing into land-based casinos. Moreover, the multiple bonuses offered by gambling websites successfully entice users, so they stay connected for a longer period, and therefore make the business thrive.

KingCasinoBonus is an independent platform that aims to help users find the best promotions available on the market. Hence, research and testing are treated with the utmost importance, our team of experts dedicates a significant amount of time to providing professional reviews, thoroughly insightful guides, and engaging blog posts.

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