Artist accidentally predicts Facebook launching LIBRA and the rename of Meta

  (photo credit: Digital Artist Herbert R. Sim's latest masterpiece, his impression of the Metaverse)
(photo credit: Digital Artist Herbert R. Sim's latest masterpiece, his impression of the Metaverse)

A tweet trending on Twitter revealed that a digital illustration artwork from 2012, might have predicted Facebook launching of LIBRA, and even the exact logo. More astonishing is that, the artwork depicts the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and the logo itself was drawn on the chest of the horseman of death. Incidentally, Facebook’s new Meta rebrand name means ‘dead’ in Hebrew.

“Did the artist predict in 2012 of Facebook - LIBRA logo on the Apocalypse Horsemen of Death?” tweeted Kevin Bilal, founder of tech company DefiSports. “FYI - META means Dead in Hebrew,” he added.

Others who caught on to the accidental prediction through art, tweeted the hashtag #FacebookApocalypse.

Here at Jerusalem Post, we reached out to the digital artist, Herbert R. Sim, who shared: “This is completely incidental, it was not a prophesy or prediction in any sort. In fact, I’m pleasantly surprised that my artwork from many years before is actually gaining traction even today.”

Mr. Sim, a philanthropist and investor through his venture capital ‘The Bitcoin Man’, writes and draws during his free-time as a hobby, his art has been featured on various other art media publications – Art World Expo, Artistic Vigilante and more.

The most recent art that was released on his personal website, was about the ‘Metaverse’ on 10 October; and Facebook only announced the name change weeks later. Another coincidence? Or is the artist a seer - someone gifted with the ability to see the future?

  (credit:  Digital Artist Herbert R. Sim's latest masterpiece, his impression of the Metaverse) (credit: Digital Artist Herbert R. Sim's latest masterpiece, his impression of the Metaverse)

Showcased within the art, is founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey wearing virtual reality googles, in a metaverse, where he is in a samurai suit stabbing founder of facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, who is wearing a ‘TRON movie’ suit. The background of the art is a cyberpunk city hidden with brands that the artist interprets will be in the future. Also featured is founder of SpaceX and Neuralink, Elon Musk, and founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin. 

The art has a myriad of subtle clues hidden within it, from brand logos, to names and numbers (e.g. Satoshi Nakamoto, X Æ A-12, 666), NetFlix’s popular television series – Squid Game and Money Heist, and even a DRAGON Emoji url (.ws – Unicode:

About his creative process, Mr. Sim shared exclusively with Jerusalem Post, “For every piece of artwork drawn, you would see a full article accompanying it. Example, I wrote an article about the great financial war, depicting Bitcoin versus Central Banks, and I drew a special operations agent, with the blade of bitcoin, fighting a giant big bad wolf, with dollar bills on its back.”

“It started with an art piece I drew back in 2010 that I got a lot of positive feedback about it, featuring the elusive founder of Bitcoin and blockchain – Satoshi Nakamoto as a Samurai with wings of an angel, holding dual samurai swords. Over time, the story evolved where the two samurai bitcoin swords were forged into the one big broadsword – hailing it as the legendary ‘blade of bitcoin’.” 

In the hundreds of artwork featured on Mr. Sim’s website –, he showcased the work-in-progress, the process of his sketches, to coloring in of each character, the background. The art evolves and changes over its construction, with characters moving position, changing appearance, disappearing and reappearing in mesmerizing fashion. Artists from young to old, from beginners to professionals, can draw inspiration from him.

About where he draws his creative inspiration, Mr. Sim shared “I usually draw what comes to my mind, what I’m passionate about - portraits of famous individuals and Biblical art, and because by day, I’m working in the financial technology industry, I would draw illustrations of mainly blockchain and its application across various industries – fashion, healthcare, energy, taboo topics like sex technology, and futuristic technology – artificial intelligence, neurochip, time travel, women empowerment, and more…”

We can only wonder if which more of the artist’s artworks might be predictions that might literally come true yet again?

This article was written in cooperation with Digital Artist Herbert R. Sim