Ascend Agency Helps Brands Skyrocket Their Growth and Achieve Fast Results

 (photo credit: ASCEND AGENCY)
(photo credit: ASCEND AGENCY)
Since 2019, Ascend Agency has been helping brands skyrocket their growth, whether they are individuals or businesses. By leveraging online publications and social media, this boutique PR agency has helped its clients expand their popularity and authority and do so incredibly fast.
If you are hoping to increase brand awareness, showcase an extraordinary product, or inspire others with your success story, Ascend Agency can help you. This agency achieves quick results that would normally take years for brands to achieve. 
Social media and news outlets are exceptionally powerful tools that allow Ascend Agency to help its clients become well-known, cementing their position as leaders within their respective niches. This agency has gotten articles places into prominent online publications including Vogue, Forbes, USA Today, HuffPost, Entrepreneur, and others. The articles Ascend Agency writes for its clients promote their brands to a wide audience, leading to increased brand awareness and greater followings.
There are three key areas Ascend Agency helps with. These are:

Greater Brand Authority
Carefully targeted articles are published in numerous online publications that increase the trust and value of a brand. Inspiring, motivating, and compelling content helps improve a brand's image while showing off its unique expertise. Articles also show that esteemed publications believe your story or voice is worth sharing with their vast audiences.

Improve Your Brand’s Search Engine Rankings
You can get your individual or company brand to the top of the search results where it is seen in an exceedingly favorable light. Anyone that puts your brand's name into Google, or another search engine will see the published articles about it at the top of the search results.

Improve Your Chances of Getting Verified on Social Media
Getting the coveted blue checkmark on social media giants like Instagram, Twitter, and others is definitely not easy. However, once you get it, your brand's image will get a significant boost. Ascend Agency greatly increases your chances of getting verified by social media platforms, which itself can lead to new opportunities for you. The more articles you have in news publications, the more your brand becomes perceived as an established authority within its niche, increasing the likelihood of getting a blue tick.
Ascend Agency has the experience and expertise needed to accelerate your brand's growth and get faster results. Articles written about your brand will be published in select online publications that will share your message, brand, and story to a very wide audience. 
You will be guided through the entire process so that your brand can boost both its image and popularity. Every budget is accommodated thanks to a wide range of packages offered by this agency. You can rest assured that you are in good hands when Ascend Agency is on the task of skyrocketing your brand's presence and authority. For this agency, the client always comes first and will be given the best possible service for achieving fast results that clients are always impressed by.