AskGamblers: Successful Brand with a Unique Casino Complaints Service

Unlike most success stories that started out of garages, this one started out of a casino bar. Go figure.

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Unlike most success stories that started out of garages, this one started out of a casino bar. Go figure.


How it All Started

Despite never having gambled in his life, a jam of fortunate circumstances got the AskGamblers' founder interested in the world of casino, and before he knew it, he was set out to build what will, in later years, be established as the most reliable online gambling platform in the world.

Nonetheless, this once start-up now giant, has had a fair share of its ups and downs on its path to success. 

For a business that's starting out from scratch, relying simply on its founder's talent, ambition and a few volunteer-friends here and there, it's not unusual to stumble a bit – or a lot. 

Add hindrances like no funds, a language barrier and no feasible way to get an audience quickly into that equation, and you've got yourself a platform with zero chance to succeed. 

Well, not so fast! The AskGamblers is proof that hard work and honest intent pay off, encouraging entrepreneurs everywhere to stay patient and give their hearts into what they are creating. 

For everyone who’s struggling, it’s important to remember that - to overcome challenges when launching a startup - a clear vision and hard work will take you far. 

Before the internet presence morphed into being the x and y's of both our social and business lives, it wasn't as easy to get a presence and an audience as it is today. 

It was at the time when getting a single website visitor was bigger than life that AskGamblers has started out, slowly yet strategically securing its spot under the online gambling sky. 

As operating on the internet was new for everyone, it was only a matter of diligent testing of the online waters that could give any results and help entrepreneurs have a strong idea of the direction they are headed in. 

As an online platform that, at the time, joined all content from world casinos to various games such as poker, sportsbook, bingo, lottery, backgammon, skill games, etc., the AskGamblers website got almost impossible to update regularly with just a few people working on it. 

After careful consideration of all factors included, cutting out almost 80% of the entire, then-existing web content seemed like the best thing to do - for both the team working on it and the players coming for information. 

From that point on, AskGamblers' focus shifted exclusively to being a casino portal, and the best one at that. 

What Is AskGamblers Casino Complaints Service?

To stand out meant finding that one thing the players will recognise as the reason to come back. In the case of AskGamblers, it was, and still is, its trustworthiness. 

The AskGamblers' continual commitment to recognising reputable and spotting rogue casinos has led to the platform becoming the most credible online gambling platform on the market. 

What is more, it led to building a free automated casino complaints system that helps the players resolve minor and major disputes they have with casinos. 

The AskGamblers Casino Complaints Service (AGCCS) has grown into the most dependable service on the gambling market, with a huge impact on the industry and player satisfaction to this day. 

But, when should players consider submitting online gambling complaints? 

When a player seems to have exhausted all resources in talking to a casino that, they feel, has wronged them, that's the right time to go straight to AGCCS and submit a complaint. 

The AGCCS agents will act as mediators between a wronged player and the casino to hopefully get the situation resolved in a way fitting for both sides. 

Like all good things in life, this one too will take some time until resolved. After all, getting all facts and details together is a process.


How to Submit Gambling Complaints on AskGamblers?

When you happen to need AskGamblers' help in solving an issue with a casino, go to 'Submit a Complaint' on the website, then choose the reason why you are submitting a complaint. 

Whether you are struggling with payment issues, bonus, deposit, software or account handling issues, AGCCS will give their best to help.

For all players that decide to submit a complaint, it is advisable they read the complaint guidelines first to get familiarised with all terms and conditions and avoid having a complaint rejected. 

All supporting evidence and information are welcome for upload during submission in order to speed up the process. 

Once online casino complaints get submitted, a team of dedicated AGCCS professionals has them processed; the moment that complaint is live, it gets visible on the AskGamblers Casino Complaints Service page.

Players can find more helpful information on how to submit a complaint and what submitting it means by checking out the video tutorial “How to Submit a Complaint” on AskGamblers official YouTube page:

3 Reasons Why AskGamblers Is the Best Online Casino Website

With a long-standing tradition of 15 years for being the most reputable and trustworthy online gambling platform, AskGamblers has become a name very few people in the gambling industry don't know. However, if there were only three things to single out, a quick rundown of those would be: 


More than 1400+ Unbiased Casino Reviews

AskGamblers is known for, among other things, having one of the largest directories of online casino reviews in the world. The sophisticated CasinoRank system sorts every online casino review site listed on the AskGamblers. 

The CasinoRank system, which you can learn more about on AskGamblers website, locates the best online casinos on top using a number of parameters and therefore suggests which casinos are the best places for the players to spend time at. 


Over 6800+ Transparent Online Slot Reviews

Featuring the largest selection of free online slots on the web, AskGamblers has built a reputation for being transparent with every slot (and other) review uploaded. Online slots have been at the top of the most popular online gambling entertainment, making slot reviews an essential part of the punters' gameplay. 

The three basic types of slots and slots reviews players can find on the AskGamblers website are classic slots, video slots, and progressive jackpot slots. The main difference between the three is in the number of reels and paylines, the number of free slots included in the game, their interface and the software provider that developed them. 


Real Players' Opinions and Ratings

As opposed to the general approach to players' reviews featured on websites similar to AskGamblers (it is no secret that they are usually paid), AskGamblers prides on encouraging truthful players' casino and game reviews. Although such an approach may be risky at times, AskGamblers' reason for cultivating this attitude is twofold. 

Primarily, it goes along with the company's 5 core pillars - trust, independence, quality, fair play, and transparency; secondly, real player's opinions and ratings help other players get a grip on what's happening with a particular game/casino, and the entire AskGamblers community can consider taking appropriate, corresponding measures after implementing all inspection necessary. 

Reading a player's review on AskGamblers means seeing things for how they truly are. 

Over to You

Succeeding in the world of online gambling while using trustworthiness as your key ally means building an empire that revolves around players' satisfaction and approval, and there's nothing that tastes as sweet as that. 

Being at service to the players around the globe for 15 years now (and counting), AskGamblers is the name you don't forget, especially if you are serious about your gambling future. To all the players and entrepreneurs out there - "Don't let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning"… okay?