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Betway is an international online betting operator available worldwide. The iGaming company has multiple fans in countries, such as South Africa. Known for its industry-leading sportsbook, Betway offers everyone who wants to wager on a sports a memorable betting experience. Of course, this online betting platform is also known for providing a stand-alone casino section, virtual sports, eSports, and other kinds of products. 

Since Betway has been at the forefront of online betting, it accepts players worldwide. Those interested in using this platform have to complete the registration process and create a new account., which takes a couple of minutes, as long as you know what to do. With that being said, here are the steps that every new customer has to go through.

How to register

  1. Step 1: To register at BETWAY, open the operator’s site. You can do that within seconds, regardless of whether you’re using your desktop or mobile device.
  2. Once you open the page mentioned above, it is time to find the “Sign Up” button. Most punters in South Africa and other countries will find the option in the top-right corner of their screens.
  3. After pressing the “Sign Up” button, Betway will show its registration window, which consists of two steps. The first one requires you to add your phone number, password, first/last name, and email. Before selecting “Next” to advance to step two, select the “I Have A Sign Up Code” option to enter any promo codes you might have access to.
  4. The second step requires additional information, such as your ID type, date of birth, source of funds for betting transactions, and language. Furthermore, you need to read the Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy, and tick the box. 
  5. Once you complete the above-mentioned steps, select “Register”. A few seconds later, Betway will thank you for your registration and show you the account number.

How to login

After completing the registration steps, it is time to complete the login Betway account procedure. Depending on which browser you’re using, you may have to log into your account every time you want to use the operator’s services, so here is how to do that.

  1. Open the website of Betway South Africa on your preferred device.
  2. Find the “LOGIN” button and enter your phone number and password prior to pressing it.
  3. If your login details are correct, you will have access to your new account, which will allow you to use all of Betway’s services.

How to reset your forgotten password

Although it might seem strange to some online bettors, there are punters who forget the password for their accounts. People who find themselves in a similar situation and use Betway’s services have the option to reset their passwords within seconds. The process is relatively simple and takes a few seconds, thanks to the following steps:

  1. Find Betway’s website for South Africa.
  2. Go to the login panel (usually located above the betting sections), and select “Forgot Password?”.
  3. Betway will require you to input the phone number you’ve used during the registration process. Once you do that, select “Password Reset”.
  4. Following these steps, you should receive an SMS that will contain more information about what you need to do.


This article was written in cooperation with Sara Michael