Celebrities you Didn’t Know have YouTube channels

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Celebrities have found out that YouTube is an excellent platform to get in touch with their fans and show them their true self. Some of the biggest stars, like Will Smith and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, have well-known channels with millions of subscribers. Nevertheless, there are plenty of other celebrities that have channels on this platform and are worth following. Subscribe to their channels and get inspired to create awesome content like they do. Moreover, make sure to buy YouTube likes to boost your videos and your popularity.
01. Zac Effron
Subscribers: 1.3 million
Zac Effron is known for his roles in High School Musical and The Greatest Showman. Recently, he has decided to establish a YouTube channel and he managed to surpass 1 million subscribers. On his channel, he features two video series “Gym Time” and “Off the Grid”. “Gym Time” is a show where he invites his celebrity friends to workout together, while “Off the Grid” is a travel series. 
02. Josh Peck
Subscribers: 3.68 million
Josh Peck is known for his appearances on The Amanda Show, and Drake & Josh. He has started creating videos on Vine that managed to get millions of views. Later, he moved to YouTube where he is mainly focusing on vlogging. However, his content also contains reaction videos, funny moments with his son, and hanging out with some of his celebrity friends. With the number of subscribers that Josh Peck’s channel has, there is no need for him to buy YouTube likes.
03. Noah Schnapp
Subscribers: 3.14 million
Noah Schnapp is one of the stars of the hit TV series Stranger Things. He established his YouTube channel less than a year ago but he has manages to get over 3 million subscribers. His videos are all fun and he has cameos from Josh Peck, Sommer Ray, Lilly Singh, and the Dolan twins.
04. Karlie Kloss
Subscribers: 797 K
The supermodel is also a very successful YouTuber. Her videos take you behind the scenes on fashion shows and photo shoots. The model also shares stories, her beauty routines, workout sessions, recipes, and a lot of fun content. Her viewers can get a look at the life of a supermodel.
05. Maisie Williams
Subscribers: 476 K
The Game of Thrones actress has a very interesting YouTube channel. She doesn’t upload very frequently, but her vlogs are revealing of her personality. She is not afraid to express herself and states her opinion on controversial issues.
06. Angela Kinsey
Subscribers: 88.7 K
Angela Kinsey is know for her role in The Office. On YouTube, she has a cooking channel with her husband. Her show is family friendly and heart-warming. Her husband does the actual baking, and Angela Kinsey helps the way she can. On occasion, they invite their celebrity friends from The Office.
07. Jenna Dewan
Subscribers: 474 K
Jenna Dewan has a very relatable YouTube channel. The Step Up actress uploads vlogs, workout sessions, recipes, her favorite crystals, makeup tutorials, and dance covers.
If you aspire on establishing a channel like your favorite celebrity, keep in mind that you will need to buy YouTube likes. Only this way you will be able to bring traffic to your channel and help it grow.