Christopher W. Sherman & Maria Vittoria Cusumano the chicest wedding 


Christopher W. Sherman and Maria Vittoria Cusumano met last autumn at a dinner organized by mutual friends.  At the time, Maria Vittoria, an entrepreneur, was very busy launching a media campaign for an international brand through her agency, MVC Media Group whose portfolio abounds with international brands and credit institutions and through her MVC Magazine and Christopher, an engineer and Strategic Director within what has been defined by Forbes magazine as America’s biggest aerospace & defense business.

Maria Vittoria lives in New York, and Christopher, after having held prestigious job positions in Michigan and Washington DC, currently works in Connecticut where his company is headquartered. Therefore, meeting possibilities were initially limited due to the different professional commitments and time zones: Christopher follows the American and Asian markets, while many of Maria Vittoria's clients are based in the Old Continent.

Yet, the bond of this couple quickly became more and more significant. Since that first meeting, a romantic marriage proposal followed after a few months, which was held on their exclusive New York rooftop illuminated by the city’s thousands of sparkling lights at sunset.  On the bride's finger since then, the splendid engagement ring by Graff, the most prestigious and exclusive jewelry house in the world, whose priceless solitaire from South Africa and then worked in London, was personally chosen by the groom.

A few months earlier, the couple unexpectedly arrived in Rome in Italy, as planned by Christopher to officially ask his father for Maria Vittoria's hand; on social media, the meeting's video received thousands of views. It was very nice to see the family's reaction; more than two years had passed since the previous meeting with his daughter, and this was precisely the reason for such a tangible emotion. 

Subsequently, they decided to marry on the beautiful Nantucket Island in Massachusetts in a very intimate ceremony; a strictly private celebration that represented a real elegance and style lesson. 


The bride in an enchanting and romantic lace dress by Charo Ruiz and a refined bouquet of white peonies tied by a lucky blue ribbon by "Flowers on Chestnut", also creators of the delightful floral rings, very poetic and delicate as in the intentions of the couple; in the background, the Nantucket Brant Point Lighthouse and the golden lights of a magical sunset over the ocean. A suggestive bonfire on the beach followed the ceremony.

This year Maria Vittoria did not participate as usual in the Milan Fashion Weeks. The couple, according to many rumors, is currently still on their honeymoon in a secret location.

If you want to meet the couple, we can give you a couple of suggestions. You can take a run in Central Park where it is easy to see them playing on the Tennis Club courts, or if you want to try your luck and think you have the requirements, you can try to apply for admission to the exclusive New York Athletic Club. Once accepted, it will be easy to encounter them.

A second, still top-secret celebration will follow by 2022. From some rumors, we know that the custom-made wedding dress will be designed specifically for Maria Vittoria in Paris by one of the most famous designers in the world. It will be sent to New York for dress rehearsals, with Italy as the final destination. Location is still Top Secret.