Clark Williams, Founder of Likemnds, Shares His Recipe to Success in the Fashion Industry

Clark Williams aka Oprahside is a fashion influencer and a Youtuber, who talks about his social media journey and the struggles he had to overcome on his path to success.

 (photo credit: CLARK WILLIAMS)
(photo credit: CLARK WILLIAMS)
Clark Williams, who was born and raised in Illinois, started his social media journey in 2016 when he made his first Youtube channel playing video games. He reached around 600,000 subscribers and was able to earn $500,000 within a year. He moved to California in 2017 and started his second Youtube channel, which was all about reacting to sports videos. During that time there was hardly anybody who was making this kind of content, and he rapidly gained around 2 million subscribers along with becoming one of the pioneers in the sports reaction and commentary niche.

With the kind of growth mindset that Williams possesses, Youtube wasn’t just it for the influencer. He then branched out in the fashion industry and founded his clothing line in 2019, Likemnds; which is a premium quality streetwear brand. It quickly caught the attention of other fashion bloggers and enthusiasts and following its launch, Likemnds dropped two seasonal collections in the same year. The brand recently released its 2020 VISION collection in line with its goal of expanding into a major streetwear name.

“I am known as the basketball sports guy on youtube, the funniest tweeter on Twitter with over 300m impressions a month and a guy with a lot of style of Instagram,” says Clark, summing it up perfectly.

Clark aspires to become one of the leading fashion designers in the world and wants to leave a lasting impact with his fashion statement that will continue to live on, far beyond his time on the planet. His recipe to success is simple; to keep growing and keep seeking the goals and dreams that reside in one’s head. He wakes up every day to chase the very goals he has set for himself and the dreams that keep him on his feet to stop him from getting stagnant and falling behind. This is exactly his motivation to work harder every single day, to be completely true to his work, without the need to pretend to be someone he is not.

“My favorite quote is “if you spend 5-10 years of your life how others won’t, you can live the rest of your life how others can’t.” I’m not sure who said it but I remember reading that quote as a young kid around 13 years old and it really resonated with me for my entire life,” says David.

What sets young Williams apart from his contemporaries is his honesty and authenticity that he brings to his work. Although he might get into trouble for being too honest, he believes these are qualities that make up his identity and also set him apart from the rest. Clark plans on working smarter and learning as much as he can from his and others’ mistakes and continue to achieve the goals he has set himself.

Like every successful individual, Clark too had to face his fair share of struggles. From criticism to depression, and even racism, Williams had to face it all. However, he didn’t let the lack of appreciation and the stress of being in the public eye get to his head but instead made it into his motivational drive to work even harder and better than before. Clark overcame his hurdles by keeping his focus on his goals and dreams and not getting sidetracked by the criticism that was being hurled his way.

“My dreams, goals, and aspirations keep me going. My need to be appreciated and remembered keeps me going,” says Clark.