DesignBro continues to be a stand-out contender in web-based graphical design excellence

In the rapidly evolving digital world, one thing remains constant: the need and availability of professionals who produce quality work in a competitive marketplace.

 (photo credit: DESIGNBRO)
(photo credit: DESIGNBRO)
In the rapidly evolving digital world, one thing remains constant: the need and availability of professionals who produce quality work in a competitive marketplace. Within a generation, we have seen entire industries either succumb to the demands of the technical revolution or rise to the occasion and adapt through innovation, perseverance, and ingenuity. Professional design is no exception. As commerce and industry increase their brand presence and identities online, so too does the need for quality design expertise.

In a year like no other, 2020 ushered in an unprecedented demand for digital labor and development coupled with the challenge of providing a quality product in a safe but efficient manner. Brick-and-mortar retailers, restaurateurs, and craftsman saw their doors closed permanently with a looming global emergency and a never-before-seen reaction. As the world changed at a rate nearly impossible to keep up with, the way we connect and communicate demanded an entirely new approach.

Re-enter the team at DesignBro, the premiere web-based venue for an entire spectrum of professional quality graphic design production. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, DesignBro has remained a leading producer of quality, affordable design that has a proven record of adaptability and consistency in meeting the evolving needs of their clients and the demand of the modern digital marketplace.

Established in 2016, cofounders Christiaan Huynen and Pieter-Jan Hoogendijk joined their over 20 years of combined experience and began the DesignBro brand to develop a technology-based platform for collaboration and graphic design solutions. While typical technology-based companies sometimes struggle to innovate in what is often perceived to be an over-saturated environment, Founder Christiaan Huynen says “I’m a third-generation Design Agency Owner and believe this industry is ripe for disruption”. Instead of getting bogged-down in the technical aspects, Mr. Huynen believes that his experience leaves him uniquely positioned to reimagine the industry inline with his vision, saying “By using technology to do the hard work, clients can work with several designers through cloud-based collaboration tools”. It is under the basis of these beliefs that the DesignBro brand has enjoyed such prolific success in their field and for their customers.

While DesignBro offers a full suite of graphical design resources, their work may be best showcased in their custom logo, brand identity, and packaging designs. Over the course of their tenure as leading designers in the market, the DesignBro team has developed an impressive portfolio of projects, from entrepreneurs launching their first ventures to well-recognized best-in-brand companies that compete at the global level. The industry has seen a drastic shift in the way we communicate globally. In this environment, DesignBro has been able to flourish, gaining customers and experience through their approach to design.

The custom logo design service contains a variety of fresh and unique options that can serve as a professional-level design element to distinguish a brand from its competition in an easily recognizable, modern, minimalist, and relatable fashion. Their custom logo service comes complete with the full range of iconography, including multiple versions of the custom logo to be used in different industry specific applications.

If the nature of a clients’ project requires design on a product specific basis, DesignBro offers complete packaging design for any consumer product from the ground up. Their innovative approach to delivering high-quality design to their customers is evidenced in their broad collection of completed projects and through their posting of “unedited, unfiltered, and unbiased” reviews as written by their satisfied clients. As customers are faced with the similar pressures and challenges that are evident in the graphic design field, they are increasingly looking for ways to set themselves apart from their competitors.

If custom logo design or custom packaging for a product do not seem to be enough to deliver that advantage, DesignBro offers a complete brand identity design in a web-based format.   This service is perhaps their most comprehensive and greatest in scope, as it serves to define the clients’ brand from its most foundational elements to their target demographic. As consumers continue to be visually captivated and motivated, the professional level graphical design elements provided by the DesignBro team remain paramount to the development of successful brands and satisfied customers.

Although the demand for quality design product continues to grow, the DesignBro team has remained steadfastly quality-focused and committed to meeting their customers’ needs by adapting to the changing market and only utilizing the best professionals in the field. They have been able to accomplish this through a combination of top-tier talent acquisition and rigorous vetting practices that ensure only the most talented professionals are affiliated with the DesignBro team.

With an acceptance rate of approximately 5%, only the absolute best designers are retained and matched with clients to provide the top-quality content and customer-focused results that the team has built a reputation on. This has resulted in an overwhelmingly satisfied client-base and the fostering of positive, lasting relationships between the team and their customers.

The founders at DesignBro have demonstrated their relevance and longevity in a hyper-competitive field by remaining adaptable to change, open to innovation, and proving they are able to continue delivering the same high-quality content that their clients have come to expect. In a world where problems arise daily and consistently in every industry, the team continues to impress with their commitment to their customers and the pride they take in the development and delivery of their product.

Rather than compound the quagmire of technological overload, DesignBro presents themselves as a seamless solution to bridge the divide between positive, productive teamwork and digital isolation. With these qualities in mind, their vision for the future direction of the company remains committed to meeting the challenges of tomorrow while maintaining the high standards of today.  While the complexities of the future remain yet to be seen, companies like DesignBro and the members of the team it is comprised of stand uniquely equipped to seize the opportunities that arise by facing them with enthusiasm and well-earned experience. While the digital and physical world evolves, industry must evolve with it or perish. With new challenges presented daily, it is reassuring that innovators such as those that make up the DesignBro team continue to overcome obstacles and deliver results.