Eagles Wings $10,000 Gift Exceeds Meir Panim’s Campaign Goal for Holocaust Survivors

A massive Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem took place in Israel’s capital on Sunday.

 (photo credit: MEIR PANIM)
(photo credit: MEIR PANIM)
A massive Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem took place in Israel’s capital on Sunday. Hundreds attended the Christian worship rally fully energized with singing, dancing and shofars blasting. The gathering was organized by pro-Israel group Eagles’ Wings under the leadership of Bishop Robert Stearns.  With hundreds in attendance and millions watching on television, the event’s keynote speaker was Trump’s ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, whose address was viewed by an estimated 90 million people worldwide.
More than just praying
But in the midst of the speeches, the Christian organization did something that went beyond just good intentions. Eagles’ Wings donated $10,000 to Meir Panim, a Jewish soup kitchen that helps Holocaust survivors lead happy and meaningful lives. They do it by providing the survivors with warm meals, a wide array of fun daily activities, a social worker on staff to ensure their wellbeing and most importantly, a shoulder to lean on.
Watch the video of Eagles Wings donating $10,000 to Meir Panim at the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem here:
Impeccable timing
This $10,000 donation presented on a larger than life size check, came at the perfect time as Meir Panim is in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign for the high holidays. As of Sunday afternoon, Meir Panim had managed to raise $249,000 towards their $250,000 goal, and thanks to the generous contribution from Eagles’ Wings, Meir Panim surpassed their goal.
Mimi Rozmaryn, Meir Panim’s director of Global Development accepted the check on the organization’s behalf saying: “It has been an honor to get to know Bishop Robert Stearns and all the wonderful Eagle’s Wings volunteers who have shown me and our organization support not only financially but also with your heart, with your visits, with your hands, and with your sweat.”  Rozmaryn took the opportunity to express her gratitude saying, “every day we are strengthened by your support and we are so appreciative of your generosity, thank you.”
Why Meir Panim?
As Rozmaryn puts it: “Meir Panim (“Illuminating Faces” in Hebrew) is not just here to provide funding. We’re here to illuminate the faces and lift up the poor and needy, sit with them and let them know that we care about them like they are a part of our own families.”
She continued saying, “We have the ability to look after them and take care of them. They love it here. They are happy that they are together. They’re with social workers. They have someone looking out for them. “
The Holocaust Survivors give feedback
The Holocaust survivors that frequent Meir Panim’s clubhouses are giving the organization raving reviews. “I came here and I started living. I was always alone at home” said Simi Cohen, a Holocaust survivor. “I am 80-years old and I started to live…really, I see people, I talk with people…”
Another survivor, Grepp Carol say that Meir Panim is, “important for us. It’s like a second home … like a family.” Carol continued saying: “The volunteers honor us and give us respect. They offer many different activities – dancing, singing, lots of stuff…it’s great. The suffering that we experienced was terrible. At least now, we get to enjoy ourselves. It gives us a good feeling” he added.
“We have experienced dark days. And now…we are happy.
Meir Panim is currently in the bonus round of its fundraising campaign. To give to this important charity, go to their website or click on the banner below.
The article was written in cooperation with Meir Panim.