Eco-Friendly Israeli startups making a positive difference

We have compiled a short list of some startups pioneering the shift towards a greener Israel.

Eco friendly [Illustrative] (photo credit: PIXABAY)
Eco friendly [Illustrative]
(photo credit: PIXABAY)
The startup industry in Israel is booming. Entrepreneurs are taking an active approach to capitalize on the potential within their countries. Profit doesn’t seem to drive business operations. Rather, the desire to change outdated socio-economic systems underpins many new business’ values. For the most part, companies are doing an exceptional job. From innovative water systems to healthcare technology, Israel is making strides in positively influencing the world that we live. In the same breath, many individuals are taking their health and lifestyle into their own hands. We are seeing an ever-growing shift toward adopting healthier mindsets. If you want to know about how you can make a positive difference towards your own health, some of these insightful healthcare articles are worth taking a look at.
In terms of green solutions being established in Israel, the country has shown tremendous initiative. The region is home to some of the finest technological innovation in the Middle East and connections with international investors are growing stronger by the day. The need to establish greener solutions comes largely in response to the diminishing natural resources. While this may be a catalyst, the fact remains that steps are being taken toward a more positive future. In fact, some of the most prominent sustainability-focused conferences take place in Israel. Take the International MedPine Conference for example.
We have compiled a short list of some startups pioneering the shift towards a greener Israel.
Plastic causes major environmental damage. Despite its negative impact, it is still used excessively in the food industry. A single item of plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose. As a result, landfills are becoming overloaded. Some companies are making a concerted effort to recycle their plastic but it is difficult to monitor. So, what's the solution? Well TIPA is an Israeli organization that is producing compostable bio-plastic packaging. Their packaging solution is offered to various countries and they are rapidly growing in popularity.
Founded in 2016, Inspecto is an Israeli startup dedicated to creating a “nanoscale portable device for early detection of food contaminants in the field.” This concept comes in response to the founders watching an exposé on the extreme levels of contaminants in Israeli supermarkets. While the company is relatively new and more work needs to be done, they are making significant strides in developing devices that can identify contaminants. With this data, they hope to encourage companies to reduce contamination.
Have you gone vegan or considered the lifestyle? What is the best meat substitute for those that do? Besides soy-based products, there is not a considerable amount of options. Consequently, two individuals from Tel-Aviv founded the company SuperMeat. The idea? To grow clean meat. How do you ask? By creating meat using grown animal cells. This may not sound appealing, to begin with, but work is being done to create realistic meat substitutes that are environmentally friendly, ethical, and delicious.
The list does not end here. There is an ever-growing number of green-focused businesses shifting the mentality of individuals in Israel. We could be here for ages trying to get through them all. And that's without taking into account the startups that have not yet launched. So, keep your eyes peeled for more companies following in these footsteps. Or better yet, support these empowering initiatives.