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Is your child eating too fast? This could be the reason

Eating quickly is probably just a matter of habit, but can it signal other things besides hunger? Researchers have set out to test this question, and they have a message for every parent.

By Walla!
01/03/2022's testing kit to develop new method of urinalysis

The health care company is developing a new method of urinalysis to make it smarter, faster and more accessible for those who need it

ETHIOPIA WAS the first provider and exporter of coffee beans, to Yemen.

How do you drink your coffee? One type can prolong your life

Drinking three cups of coffee a day is good for your heart but only if you drink the right kind. A huge study has some important insights regarding your drinking habits.

By Walla!

Salvador Dali's bizarre sleep technique increases creativity - study

Researchers investigated if Salvador Dali's unconventional sleep technique actually increases creativity and inspiration. They proved that it may well work for you too. 

By Walla!
  Woman has a drink

What makes women drink more alcohol than men?

"If we want to help women, we can’t continue to use men-based models for medical research."

By Walla!

Six secrets to a happy life and everything we know about Omicron

The Jerusalem Post Podcast - Health & Wellness Edition with Maayan Hoffman and Rossella Tercatin

 Time fuse of an artillery shell of the Second World War.

How doctors removed a WWII artillery shell from a patient's behind

A man came to an ER with an artillery shell stuck up his anus, so the staff called in a sapper squad.

By Walla!
Portable toilets

Why you should not sit on the toilet for too long

Do you frequently sit on the toilet for more than 10 minutes at a time? It's really unhealthy for you.

By Walla!

Air pollution exposure linked to fatty liver disease -study

Researchers determined that long-term exposure to ambient air pollution may increase the odds of contracting fatty liver disease.

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