Everything You Need To Know Before Buying A Right Luggage

Before you go on your adventure, hers is everything you need to know before you buy the right luggage.

Luggage (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Some of us have been there when we’re waiting at the conveyor belt in the airport and start seeing rouge socks and pants come around and then you get that sinking feeling that your suitcase may not have held up over the course of its journey. When we are planning a holiday, it is easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of hotels and excursions without considering how we are going to get our belongings there safely. Before you go on your adventure, hers is everything you need to know before you buy the right luggage. 

Count Those Wheels

If you are looking for luggage that you can pull along, you want to make your life as easy as you can, especially if you want to max out your luggage allowance. Previously, suitcases only had two wheels and in the case of heavy bags, this caused the axles to bend and you still had to pull it along. Now, suitcases come with 4 wheels, not only is this far better for weight distribution, but it also means you can push it with less effort, saving you time. 

What Is It Made Of?

Before you settle on a suitcase or bag, check what it is made from. You want to make sure that the luggage is well constructed, not just with the fabric used, but with how it is held together also. Most reputable companies will display a full list of what their products are made out of to help you make the best decision. Whilst leather is stylish and hard-wearing, it is also very expensive; you could compromise and look at strong nylon products that will last just as well the website WiredShopper mentions. 

Check How Much The Luggage Weighs

You don’t want to be using up valuable baggage limits with heavy luggage, but you also don’t want to buy one that’s too light and flimsy. You need to make sure that you strike the right balance. Check the manufactures breakdown of their luggage and then compare it to others. It is also worth noting that there are some brands of luggage that airlines won’t allow in the hold as they are too weak, so make sure that you aren’t considering one of these suitcases. 

How Do You Intend To Use It?

According to The Flappingturtle, the site deals with such matters, if you are planning on a hiking adventure, then the last thing you need is luggage with wheels. Likewise, if you are going to a cruise, you want to make sure that you can see everything you have packed without having to empty it all out of your bag. Assess how you think you are going to be using it and from there you can make an informed decision. 

What Size Do You Need?

We all dream of fitting all of our holiday items into one bag, but you also need to consider airline limitations. A lot of airlines won’t take any bag that is over 32kg, so if you are wanting to purchase one big suitcase, it cannot weigh over this amount. It may be worth investing in two smaller suitcases to make sure you can take everything with you without the stress of being told no by the airlines. Likewise, you don’t want a bag that is so small you can’t fit all that you need in it. Before you settle on a size, do a trial run pack to make sure you are getting a size that matches your needs, this will take the guesswork out of it. 


If you are looking at pull along with luggage, you will also need to think about handles. Telescopic handles are practical, but they take up space on the inside of your suitcase. You can now get single-pole handles that take up less space and are just as strong. If you are going to be pulling your suitcase for a long time, look for products that have ergonomic features, such as soft hand grips and handles that are designed to reduce fatigue. It is these little details that will make all the difference when you are having to pull it from one side of the airport to the other. 

Final Thoughts

Before you settle on your luggage there are a few vital components that you need to consider. It is all too easy just to settle on one because we like the look of it. Consider how are you going to use it along with how often as this can change what type of fabric you consider. Not choosing the right luggage can cause real stress, especially when it comes to packing or in some cases overpacking. You really want to make sure that your luggage suits your lifestyle and makes your life easier.