Global mobile gaming market estimated at US$153.5 Billion by 2027

The growth of the global mobile gaming industry over recent years has been outstanding. Learn about its unprecedented levels of growth right here

  (photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)
(photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic had a huge impact in stimulating the online gaming market, particularly in relation to online casinos. As people were forced to retreat into their homes and away from public places, they turned to gaming as an alternative form of entertainment. Therefore, popular gaming platforms experienced a significant increase in interest over this period with thousands of new visitors and a rapid increase in online website traffic. Video gaming trends, in general, have also experienced a massive surge in the number of new players and revenue too. 

Mobile Gaming Growth On The Global Scale

All in all, amid the pandemic, the global market for mobile gaming was estimated to be USD 71.8 billion in the year 2020. Although it seems like we are slowly emerging from the pandemic, it looks unlikely that the popularity of online gaming will wait. In fact, it is now predicted that the online gaming market should reach USD 153.5 billion by 2027, which represents a growth of 11.5% Compound Annual Growth Rate (or CAGR) over the period of 7 years from 2020 to 2027. 

Such statistics should come as no surprise, particularly if one considers the fact that popularity in mobile casinos has risen exponentially in the past couple of years. Much of this growth is also to with Smartphone usage. A recent report carried out by ReportLinker projected that smartphone usage would increase by 12.6% CAGR and reach USD 139.1 billion by the end of 2027. Furthermore, the tablet segment is expected to grow at a 3.8% CAGR over the next 7-year period.

Gaming For Domestic Markets

The impressive growth is not only evident on a global scale but also within domestic markets. For instance, the mobile gaming market in the USA was estimated to be around USD 15.1 billion in the year 2020. While China, the world’s second-largest economy, is forecasted to have a mobile gaming market of around USD 48 billion by the year 2027, with a CAGR of 11.9% over the 7-year period.  

Other geographic markets that are forecast to experience significant growth over the same period include Canada and Japan, which are expected to grow at 11.6% and 9.7%, respectively. Germany is expected to experience the greatest growth in this market when one countries Europe with a rate of 9.3% CAGR. 

The Gaming Industry’s Response To Growth

Naturally, the gaming industry has been quick to capitalize on the growth in interest and investment in their sector. After all, it is in their interest to take advantage of this captive audience and engage with new consumers to grow their own business interests.

In recent years, we’ve seen big names in the gaming industry such as Microsoft, Activision, Twitch and Nintendo investing unprecedented amounts into their player infrastructure, despite operating in economically uncertain times. For instance, back in early 2020, Microsoft reported that the number of subscribers to Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service similar to Netflix, had reached 10 million. Among this cohort of subscribers, the company also reported it had experienced a 130-per cent increase in multiplayer engagement. 

Furthermore, despite the growth of the global gaming market as well as the increasing penetration of mobile apps, the industry is highly fragmented and competitive. In addition to the key players in the market, such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, who have invested a lot in product innovations and next-generation technology, there are small players that also see investment potential in this space. 

Concluding Thoughts

Despite the fact that the global pandemic caused havoc across the globe, there is no doubt that developments over the past few years have been a blessing for the mobile gaming industry both on a global scale and within the domestic market of several major economies. Growth across mobile gaming devices looks to be on an upward trajectory without any sign of slowing. Major players within the gaming industry and online gambling portals, have been quick to note the lucrative investment opportunities that await them. As for the gamers themselves, with all this interest in the industry, it looks likely that a lot of exciting technological advancements lay ahead in coming years. 

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