How big data is evolving customer experience In online shopping

  (photo credit: UNSPLASH)
(photo credit: UNSPLASH)

Modern technology is changing e-commerce on a daily basis and one of the biggest leaps was made when Amazon recognized the potential of using big data. Once they incorporated this method into their everyday operations, the company increased their sales and improved customer support. 

Using big data is a very common strategy now, so you should consider using it. By offering recommendations, drone delivery programs, and near-home warehouses, Amazon managed to scale their business, and some of these techniques can boost your sales as well. Check out the text below and learn how big data is changing customer experience in online shopping. 

Recommendations and forecasting

Gathering large chunks of data is helping online businesses to better understand the market and their customers. The great thing about big data is that this technology provides businesses with volume, variety, and velocity of information. This information can be utilized in different ways, and one of them is the creation of personalized products recommendations. 

Huge databases made it possible to keep track of user’s shopping patterns, and use that info for creating personalized recommendations. On the other hand, big data is providing managers and business owners with useful information on their hottest and best-selling items so they can modify their marketing strategies with ease. Big data can help you to pair a certain type of customer with a certain type of product thanks to its forecasting possibilities. 

Identifying customers and setting prices

Thanks to big data technology, business owners can view shopping history, on-site behavior (even between different demographics, like genders), and checkout pages, leaving a pattern for every single website visitor. This information can be used to optimize techniques such as First Page Google Ads remarketing which will attract the given customer. One of the most popular ways of selling items online is to modify the price of certain items during someone’s shopping session. 

People love discounts and big data technology will let you know when is the good time to drop some prices. If there is a returning customer, your e-commerce website will provide them with a discount or coupon they can use in the future. Thanks to big data, you’ll know the behavior pattern of your customers and be able to provide them with the best service. 

Better customer experience

Modern technology also helps customers by providing them with the right information at the right time. Big data makes it possible to find the best deals online using platforms which can provide you with information gathered from different sources. Just a few years ago, it was impossible to find all the needed information and the best prices by yourself, and now it can be done in a matter of seconds. 

In addition, all big retail stores are now using custom bots which are constantly learning about customer behavior patterns. Thanks to that, bots can answer common questions with high precision, or even be your personal guide through the shopping session. Big data helps AI-powered bots to recognize every customer and provide them with the best solutions, tailored especially for them, based on their previous on-site behavior.

Improved advertising

Big data changed the way customers engage with online stores’ content, but on the other hand, it also improved the way retailers interact back. Before big data, advertising was very direct, intrusive, and irrelevant. New technologies provided e-shops with a possibility to target the right audience and provide them with a specific and at the right time and at the right place. This feature was perfectly utilized by streaming platform Netflix. Their in-product advertising saved them a fortune, and they’ve never been in a position to promote their shows outside the platform. This technique can be used at your online shop as well, so go ahead and learn all about it. 

Final thoughts

As you can see, big data really changed the way online businesses interact with customers and vice versa. Every chink of information you send to the customer will be personalized and well-thought, so your customers will be happier to work with you and will be coming back. This means that big data can help you increase revenue and scale your business in no time.

This article was written in cooperation with Craig Lebrau