How Max Zaharenkov built a business empire with social media

  (photo credit:  Max Zaharenkov)
(photo credit: Max Zaharenkov)

Is it possible to create a business on social media? Here’s how Max Zaharenkov did this. 

Social media is what everyone knows about today. And it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not - you have to admit a simple fact: even you can hardly live without your newsfeed.

And here is when the question arises: is it ever possible to create a business this way?

Max Zaharenkov belongs to the Millennial generation of entrepreneurs. He considers social media for people of that age isn’t just one of the means, but it’s an essential basis of everything.

Zaharenkov’s words are driven by the fact that his business wouldn’t have become successful without relying on social media. And now, his digital marketing agency is one of the leading companies in this particular industry.

You won’t believe it, but everything he used to achieve that is his smartphone.

Gaining popularity and recognition through Instagram

Max is always frank when he speaks about how to achieve what he has achieved on Instagram - around half a million people are currently followed his accounts.

He says that the day in 2021 when Instagram changed the algorithms to promote mostly video content wasn’t appropriate since it’s still too early for Instagram to focus on videos. Nevertheless, that is quite a beneficial thing for him personally because he’s one of those who target the video content space. But that’s not the only thing he offers. What’s more important, he knows how to listen and how to respond. 

Accessibility is extremely important in terms of success in social media.

Max claims that people, actually, use social media to interact with other individuals. Even though they might be doing nothing but scrolling the feed, they still aim to keep in touch with users. And they like it when somebody is active when communicating with them. When they come across his account, they are glad to become a part of his community because he always responds to numerous comments under his posts. Somebody may ignore or neglect them but that isn’t the way Max came through to build his success. Everything is about accessibility! 

Why you shouldn’t hit that retweet button just yet

The other purpose of going to social media is to share others’ ideas. One can easily copy and add some own stuff and resurface in the market. That can innovatively add more value and content in one’s following. That is interesting and that helps to broaden one’s outlook. However, Max prefers going another way - he’d rather be a creator than a customer.

Zaharenkov claims that 90% of things we see on social media every day aren’t original and unique, they are just reposted from their sources. Undoubtedly, such an approach is pretty helpful in increasing the number of followers, likes and engagement. However, this is just about copying one’s ideas. The thing is, this way you cannot become different from the others. If you want to be truly genuine, you must try to create something that will appear to be completely outstanding and out of the box. Create new ideas and share them with your audiences. If you want your followers to be interested in your person, make them curious, make them thoughtful, make them answer strange and unusual questions. Reading more books is a good way to enrich your mind with fresh ideas you may later share with your followers on social profile. But don’t try to steal ideas. Forget about posting smart quotes, create your own ones!

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This article was written in cooperation with Peter J. Burns III