How to cancel Gamstop with Betbeard

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You can cancel Gamstop early, by playing in a top non gamstop casino Betbeard which offers thousands of slots, live casino games and free spins for every deposit.

Have you ever wondered why you have self excluded from Gamstop? Do you regret your decision? There are thousands of people who regret signing up for Gamstop, as they are banned from all online casinos in the UK. With Betbeard, you will never have to worry about Gamstop ever again.

Gamstop is a website created by the Gambling Commission to help those with gambling issues. However, not everyone who self-excludes themselves from their favourite online casinos needs Gamstop, as most people do it during a lousy casino streak and regret it after as they can't have fun anymore. If you have chosen to exclude yourself from online casinos, but have not tried gambling.

Gamstop Free Casinos

So, if you have already excluded yourself from Gamstop then what are you supposed to do? You can't play in any UKGC casino for at least six months, and possibly more as during self-exclusion, the maximum period people can select is 5 years. So for a recreational player, who enjoys gambling that is a lot of time to be separated from his hobby. Unfortunately, Gamstop is very strict and doesn't allow people to change their minds and reopen accounts. This leaves many people with no option but to start searching for alternative places to play casino games.

In this article, we will evaluate if you can cancel gamstop, and how to stop the scheme from banning you play online slots. The article will then go to compare different casino options for self-excluded players and will teach you how to play at non gamstop casinos safely. Another important note is which casinos are not on Gamstop to play and how to find a suitable one.

Before getting to how to cancel gamstop, however, we need to cover what is Gamstop, how it works and why is an important part of the UK Gambling industry.

How Gamstop Works

Gamstop is a self exclusion program designed to help problem gamblers in the UK to stop playing at UK online casinos registered and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Gamstop shapes the UK gambling industry in an extraordinary way as it bans everyone who signs up for the scheme for a specific period of time. The length of your self-exclsuion depends on your choice as there are three options, six months, 2 years and 5 years. Most players however choose the longest option as they do it during a losing streak and they feel angry. Once the initial angriness passes people start regretting their decision because they can have fun playing slots, roulette, and even placing sports bets on the champions league.

Earlier I mentioned that Gamstop shapes the UK online gambling scene in a unique way by redistributing players from online gambling sites to land-based casinos. The reasons for that will be examined later in the article but for now, it is enough to mention that signing to Gamstop doesn't prevent people from playing slots, it simply moves them to different operators in a different segment.

Later this article will examine Gamstop imperfections, but most importantly it will look at how to play at casinos not on gamstop, so that people who have no gambling issues can play safely and have fun on the slot machines.

Let me emphasize that this article is dedicated only to people with no gambling issues, who can control their online casino game, please play safely and use it only for educational purposes.

How to Sign up to Gamstop

Signing up for Gamstop is easy, you just need to open their official website or type gamstop in your search engine. You will then have to click on the sign-in button and fill out the form. Gamstop asks for all your personal information, emails, telephone numbers etc. The more information you provide, the more effective your self-exclusion will be. The next section will ask you for how long you want to self exclude and will give you three options, six months to 5 years. Choose wisely, as once you sign up there is no return. Gamstop cannot be cancelled early, and neither can be shortened so be sure about your choice and make the necessary preparations. All this information will be used for Gamstop escrow purposes so that in case you want to open a new account in another casino from their list, you will have to contact them first.

GAMSTOP registered users will be blocked from gambling online on websites and apps of companies licensed in Great Britain. You can decide how long you want this block to last.

Remember, that no online casino licensed by the UK Gambling Commission will allow you to play on their website, and you won't be able to open new accounts either, the only way to play online casinos is to go to high street ones or to play in non gamstop gambling sites.

How to Cancel Gamstop Early

You can't cancel Gamstop early but you can play in Betbeard non gamstop casino, it offers slots, live casino and sports betting, and withdrawals are lightning fast. Betbeard verification is seamless making it the best non gamstop casino on the market.

Anyway back to the topic of how to cancel Gamstop. You probably wonder why gamstop doesn't allow its members to close their accounts and go back to gambling if that is what they want. Before answering that, you need to understand who has created Gamstop and which interests Gamstop promoting. Gamstop is allegedly created and financed by the gambling industry, but that is hard to argue given the fact that the UK Gambling Commission enforced UK casinos to adopt Gamstop. Although Gamstop prevents UK casino players from entering online casinos licensed domestically, it doesn't stop the same punters from playing in land-based casinos and placing bets in sports betting shops.

Gamstop policies are thus hardly defending the vulnerable players but rather pushing them into land-based casino operators.

As it is now clear that Gamstop can not be cancelled early, in the next chapter I will explain how to avoid Gamstop, and what is the actual procedure when cancelling Gamstop after its expiration date.

How to Avoid Gamstop

Avoiding Gamstop exclusion has never been easier, simply log in to Betbeard and start playing thousands of slot games, in a safe and reputable online casino, without being scared that Gamstop may limit your account. Betbeard is the best online casino not on gamstop, and it allows self-excluded UK players to enjoy slot games once again.

So, the best ways to avoid gamstop are either by not signing to it or if you have already signed up, to play in non-gamstop casinos. As land-based casinos don't offer the comfort of playing slots from home and making live sports bets while watching the game at home. Although there are a lot of casinos outside Gamstop, you have to carefully choose where to spend your time as not all of them are equal. Betbeard offers the fastest withdrawals, their withdrawal times on average are under 15 minutes, which is beating even the regulated UK online casinos.

Before looking for ways to avoid Gamstop, you should ask if you really want to play, and why you signed to Gamstop in the first place. If you feel confident that you have no gambling issues and want to play only for fun then you can continue with the article and enjoy yourself.

As explained earlier, there are three options to avoid Gamstop, not to sign up for it, to play in land-based casinos, and to play at non gamstop sites. The third option is the most prominent and valid one, so in the next chapter, we will look at what is a casino not on gamstop and how these casinos are actually outside the scheme. Are these gambling sites safe for UK players, what slot games do they offer and much more?

What are Non Gamstop Casinos

Casinos not on gamstop are online gambling sites registered and licensed outside the UK, being abroad allows them to follow more relaxed rules. Because most non gamstop casinos are located in offshore territories with very few regulations, they can be much more promotional with their advertising and highlights. With lower website maintenance costs from lowered taxation, these gambling sites can afford to give their players more bonuses and promotions, like free spins and higher sports betting odds.

Casinos not on gamstop accept bitcoin payments, allow players to use VPN so they can open more slot games and are essentially gambling heaven for players who regret their self-exclusion.

Betbeard is a trustworthy non gamstop online casino that pays out quickly, offers thousands of games, including slots, roulette and baccarat and it treats its players with free spins for every deposit.

UK Online Casinos following Gamstop

UK online gambling industry promotes responsible gambling and is therefore enforcing Gamstop on all UK reputable casinos so that those who are excluded can not gamble online until their exclusion expires. All UK online casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commission are therefore required to get registered with Gamstop. Gambling operators are thus unable to accept self-excluded players and bypass Gamstop restrictions as they may have serious legal implications. On the contrary, non gamstop casino sites, are open to UK gamblers and have no legal relations with Gamstop, as they are registered abroad. Offshore casinos are thus a great option for players who want a change from British casinos and want to try some less traditional gambling experience.

Casinos Not on Gamstop as an Alternative

As explained in the previous chapter, self-exclusion can be bypassed and online gambling activities can be resumed by using sites not on Gamstop due to their natural characteristics of being more relaxed and following much looser rules.

Best non gamstop casinos, like Betbeard, offer huge bonuses, free spins and a variety of online slots, live casino and table games, making them a great alternative to casinos registered with Gamstop. So if you feel you have no gambling issues, but your self exclusion period is far off, then you can play non gamstop slots in non UK casino sites.

Are Non Gamstop Casino Sites Safe

UK casino websites not on gamstop are safe, they use the same software as land-based UK casinos, so the games and their outcome are random and unbiased. They offer 24/7 customer support, and various payment methods for the deposit and withdrawal of funds including bitcoin payments, which are also safe and instant.

Betbeard is a non gamstop casino that is fully accredited by the TST RNG algorithm testing services and it even offers GBP withdrawal to UK customers.

When looking for a safe casino, you should consider, if they pay out winnings, whether they have a large game selection and whether they promote responsible gambling.

Betbeard pays out winnings instantly, it has more than 4000 slot games, and it allows players to self-exclude and set deposit limits.

Gamstop UK Casinos Economic Approach

The effect of Gamstop on the UK gambling scene is profound, never before so many people have been taken their right to play casino games and have fun while gambling. This causes major outrage in the UK gambling industry as most punters have to go to high street betting shops to place a champions league bet instead of doing it from the comfort of their homes. Analysts have raised serious questions on why UK gamblers that have been self-excluded cannot change their minds and cancel their exclusion if they feel better and can play responsibly. Another major concern is why UK players are allowed to play in land-based casinos while they are excluded, raising major concerns about the integrity of the Gamstop scheme and its priorities. Does Gamstop, want to prevent people from playing casino games, or is it merely redistributing players towards land based operators?

Gamstop Self Exclusion Program Cancelation

Although that gamstop self exclusion cannot be cancelled early, once it expires you can cancel it and get back your ability to gamble in online casino sites with a UK license. Cancelling gamstop however is not as straightforward as it might first seem. The self exclusion will not automatically cancel at expiration and you will not be notified about it, meaning that you may not be aware when your exclusion is over. The second step is to call Gamstop, as you need to personally ask them to cancel your exclusion, they will ask you some responsible gambling questions and if you confirm that you are ok, they will start the process of cancellation. Your exclusion will not cancel for further 24 hours to give you a cooling down period where you can change your mind and resubscribe. Even after gamstop is cancelled, some UK gambling websites may still refuse you access as they do not accept previously self-excluded individuals.

How to Find a Good Not Gamstop Casino

When looking for a good not gamstop casino, you should look out for the following things:

  • A large game selection, which includes slots, table games and live casino games.
  • Instant payouts and 24/7 customer support.
  • Great bonuses and promotions to help you get more bang for your buck!

One site that offers all of the above is Betbeard, a top-rated not gamstop casino that is trusted by thousands of players. So why wait? Sign up today and start winning big!

Overall, it appears that non Gamstop casino sites are safe to play at, provided you choose your site wisely. If you want to find a superior casino that isn't Gamstop, make sure it has a broad game selection, rapid payouts, and 24/7 customer service. One site that fits the bill is Betbeard, a top-rated not Gamstop casino that is trusted by thousands of players.

This article was written in cooperation with GoBet Casinos