How to Get More Facebook likes: 10 Tested Tactics

From the launch of Facebook until now the app has been ruling ever since whether it is the android user, or it is the iPhone user. From then until now the agenda of Facebook has changed ever since.

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

From the launch of Facebook until now the app has been ruling ever since whether it is the android user, or it is the iPhone user. From then until now the agenda of Facebook has changed ever since. When it was launched in the year 2004, the agenda and the messaging of the brand is different and until now Facebook has been used in multiple uses and to a greater horizon. Now Facebook is mainly used for channelizing people by brands through promotional activities or it has become the platform where “influencers” has got its stability.

Today globally recognised brands try to keep Facebook at the top of the list while promoting their brand message only because of the range of usage by the global mass. With the rising competition at every corner and sector it has been difficult to grab the attention of the audience. Unlike twitter or Instagram, the impression of Facebook is measured with the number of Facebook likes it gets created which help the brand to figure out how much the campaign or the advertisement or the messaging has been affected. With a greater number of Facebook likes, a brand can measure how much the content is been likeable to the mass audience.

Today Facebook has been the platform of millions and millions of users who try to do something unique which grabs the eyeballs and able to make revenue out of it. And if you happen to launch your business page recently and been in a dilemma how to attract more audience to the page, given below are some of the tried and tested methods to get more Facebook likes! 

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Marketing strategy is the key

Whether it is running the business in social media platforms or in a traditional way, what is more important is to think about the strategy which will touch the key point and have longevity. 

Placing the strategy correctly, it will righteously help you to provide a brand presence irrespective of the brand clutter which has already summoned in the Facebook business.  It must be noted that audience look for messages which are unique and crisp and generate the cohesiveness.  

Know your audience and the region

One must place the strategy as per the target audience and similarly the demographic. Each section of audience or the demographic sector should be different as the engagement is different and so is the face value of the brand. 

Usage of right tone and tools helps to amplify the message even more and certainly helps to target the desired audience and demography accordingly.

Embrace the competitor

One of the best ways to kickstart your business and garner more Facebook likes to your page is to give a thorough research. Follow the strategy used by the competitor and analyse the pros and cons they have faced in the tenure. 

Through this it will not only help you to embrace the negative aspect but also help you to prepare yourself to generate the proactiveness. Listen to your audience and their comments and accordingly gather the information and give a proper shape. 

Always set a goal

Sometimes aiming for more likes in Facebook is not the best way to measure the marketing strategy. Sometimes you should measure the touchpoints it has crossed. 

Through this exercise it will help you to analyse the desired results and help you to celebrate the success or prepare for the vice-versa. 

Decorate your Facebook home page

Although it is obvious, but audience tends to follow those pages which is properly formatted and soothes the mind or in a way give you the desired answers without much research. From the information till the overview, it helps the audience to grasp the knowledge of the brand efficiently.

Provide every bit of knowledge or information which makes the audience not return being disappointed. You can start at once from using cover photos to profile photos which reflect the brand message. 

Secondly, mark the information by tapping the highlight option pinning the information (the must known ones) which usually goes unnoticed by the audience. And thirdly, the more the information, the better the audience will find reluctant to visit the page which indirectly brings in much traffic which automatically will generate Facebook followers in return. 

Make your page more recognisable

Facebook is abounded with millions and millions of pages where it gets difficult to get detected. Thereby, it is highly advisable to make your page recognisable from the very beginning. First and foremost, name the page in manner which can be easy to discover and also providing the brand message. 

Try to use simple names than giving too complex names for the audience to catch. People try to experiment with the name of the page and tends to grab audience out of that as it hard to recognise. Therefore, go pretty easy with discovering names.  

Also, if you are having your own portal then always try to mention it or embed it which will make a bigger impression all throughout.  Last, but not the least, if you have presence in other social media platforms, try to put the credentials there and then to the page which will effectively redirect to others portal.  In short, I am talking about “cross-promotion”.

Invite other audience to like and share the page

Try to invite the audience rather than awaiting them to see your page. With such inviting options, Facebook has made it easy to your target audience at large scale and manner. Always create a message with the invite which will unintentionally reflect the brand value. Not only it will help to witness the page but also it helps the audience to tally your page with the given message along with the invite.  If you’re looking for shortcuts, then buy Facebook likes is your thing! Go give it a try!

Content is the master of all

Your strategy and the brand presence all depend on the content you provide. The better the content more better the traffic. Various studies has indicated with maintaining a synchronising post with the picture which helps to get more significant likes. 

Try to maintain picture with posts to make it more attractable and eventually likeable. Also try to create your own version of info graphics which contains information and details. These days people like to comment and give like to those content which have some juicy and humorous content. Try to add some of the content in your page to make it more noticeable. 

Try to be friendly 

When you trying to squeeze out business out of your page, try not to be very promotional! People and audience have evolved around the time and they love to like content and message which affects the core of the sentiment. 

It will certainly back-fire you if you try to maintain the page into more promotional. Keep it light yet throw the message of the brand to make it to a long run. 

Invest more time to deliver short 

Gone are those days where people love to watch long videos or clips. People try to appreciate short and crisp message even it be through posts or videos or audios. 

And thus the invention of 10 second or 30 second videos has got its place as it has been able to convince and preach the audience with the desired message. 


Well these are some of the Bible rules if you want to make your Facebook page more likeable. Apart from this try to engage your audience with engagement program or social contest which will allow to grab more audience and certainly will help them to discover the uniqueness and the deliverable  quality of the page. 

Perhaps it is the thumb rule, the more you get nearer to the audience the bigger ROI (return of investment) you achieve!