How to get the 1xbet app on your Android or iOS device?

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(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

One of the things that modern online betting fans have to keep in mind when choosing an iGaming operator is whether it offers any mobile services. Some online bettors will only use a computer to punt on sports and play slots, but others will constantly be on the go. As a result, finding a company that offers solid mobile services is of utmost importance.

Although several big names in the business are known for their world-class mobile apps and websites, one name stands out. 1xbet is available worldwide, which is the main reason why it has thousands of clients. Known for its incredible sections and features, this is a brand that can definitely satisfy even the most experienced bettors. 

Apart from its top-rated desktop platform, another thing that has an impact on 1xbet’s popularity is the mobile apps. The iGaming company also offers a mobile website, so let’s go through the things you might have to do to get them on your handheld device.

If you want the app for Android, you have to open the desktop/mobile site and get the apk file

One of the things that are important to know about Android is that this is the most popular operating system in the world. As a result, it offers millions of applications that you can download and install. Although Google Play is home to all of them, you won’t find most top-rated betting apps. So, after you read Silentbet’s review and see that the how-to guide for the 1xbet app is available here, you will have to follow the specific steps in order to get the app on your Android device.

Since 1xbet can’t upload it to Google Play, it had to come up with a new plan, which is why it created a .apk file. To make everything more convenient, the brand uploaded its .apk file on its site, which means that people can download it in a matter of seconds.

Unfortunately, you can’t just download and install this file right away, regardless of your Android device. First, you have to go to “Settings” and enable the option that will let you install apps from unknown sources. Once ready, you can go back to where you’ve downloaded the app and begin this process.

The 1xbet mobile app for iOS is available on the App Store, but you should be careful

Despite being as popular as Android, Apple’s mobile OS is more ‘“friendly” when it comes down to betting applications. This is strange because iOS is usually more strict regarding the apps it allows on the App Store.

Everyone who wants to use 1xbet’s services on an iPhone will have the chance to download the app from the App Store. However, those who read the 1xbet mobile app review from Silentbet know that they won’t find the app in every country. That’s why they have to open the App Store and change their location to “Ukraine”. Once ready, they can type 1xbet’s name in the search box, use their Apple ID, and complete this process. 

Fortunately, there are no specifications when it comes down to using the operator’s mobile website

Although getting the 1xbet mobile apps for Android and iOS only takes a couple of minutes, some people don’t like using apps. They think that these things will use a lot of storage space and more mobile data. As a result, bettors who go over 1xbet’s mobile services prefer to utilize the brand’s mobile website.

Unlike other iGaming companies, this one does not require you to use a particular mobile browser or OS. What’s even more interesting is that you can use 1xbet’s mobile site and create a web application. This shortcut will make you feel as if you’re using a real application.

People interested in this company’s mobile site will have access to everything it offers. They can even make mobile payments and use all of the popular features.

This article was written in cooperation with Valentin Santos