How to perform a true people search and find real-time information on people online with GoLookUp

  (photo credit: freepik)
(photo credit: freepik)

In an era where information is readily available, the truth of the matter is that we are still in the dark. When interacting with other people, there is no guarantee that the information they provide about themselves is truthful. Ironically, searching for accurate information is social media and similar means does not help the case. 

It is easier than ever to lie about one's identity and falsify social media profiles. So, how can you find accurate and reliable information about the people in your life? One website has made it possible to get official data about individuals in the United States; GoLookUp's True People Search engine is revolutionizing data search, and here is how it does it:

Name-based query

The first piece of information that people provide about themselves is their name. And what is in a name? a great deal; when performing a true people search on GoLookUp, with the name-based query, you can find many details about the people that you meet:

  • Contact information
  • Social media accounts
  • Marriage records
  • Divorce records
  • Court records
  • Criminal records
  • Registered sex offenses
  • Birth records
  • And much more

The search directory was designed to flush out the truth about individuals, and a name search is the first stop. By providing the full name and state of residence of the person of interest – you can discover what lies in their past and if they are truthful with you.

Reverse phone number search

There are many cases where people provide a false name or do not give out their last name. When this happens, you can use another true people search tool by GoLookUp: a reverse phone number search. If someone has given you their phone number, you can run a search on it. GoLookUp's quick scan will result in a report that includes the said person's official data, including their name, aliases, and additional contact information.

Email search

An email is as much identifying detail as a name or a phone number. On dating websites, professional websites, and social media – people list their email addresses as part of their contact information. When a name search or phone number search comes up empty, an email search can be helpful. Much like the two other queries mentioned previously – all you have to do is enter an email address of a person of interest into GoLookUp's email directory. You will receive a complete report about that person that includes accurate data.

How does a true people search work?

The information we are exposed to daily is divided into two groups: information from official sources and information from unofficial sources. When it comes to the ladder, that is the information that we are given from people.

To get official information from credible sources, one must search for public records. Such records are collected and maintained by official sources in the United States, such as law enforcement agencies, government agencies, etc.

Some of the personal records that are collected by official agencies are available to the public. These are called "public records", and individuals have the right to access such files. A "traditional" true people search requires you to contact the authorities that collect and maintain data. During the process, one must fill out a request form, pay a search fee, and wait several days and even several weeks to get copies of public records.

To make the process faster and easier, GoLookUp has launched several people search directories. The service is 100% legal and private. The advanced background check website provides access to public records and the data they contain. Once you perform a query, the website will scan billions of public records in search of data about the person that you are searching. At the end of the search, which lasts mere minutes, you will receive a public records report about the person in question – a report that contains official and accurate data.

Why perform a true people search?

A true people search is helpful whenever you suspect that someone is not honest with you, or when you think that you are not getting the full story:

Online dating

There are countless cases of people who have lied about their marital status on online dating websites and apps. Also, people have fabricated their entire lives when going on such websites. To discover if a person that you are conversing with has provided you with truthful information about themselves – you can use a people search.

New neighbors

Finding accurate information about neighbors is very important in certain cases. If you need to discover if a new neighbor is a registered sex offender, for instance, a people search directory should be your go-to search tool.

Business opportunities

Business endeavors can provide people with livelihood and help them move forward in life. Unfortunately, there are scammers who prey on these desires, and they trick others into giving them money for various investments. An in-depth people search that provides background data can reveal if a potential business partner is truthful. Such a query provides criminal data, full names, aliases, past arrests, and additional information that is imperative when going into business with strangers.

We live in an age of information where data is available at the tap of a screen. However, accurate information about individuals is not always available by traditional means. To discover the truth about people in your life, you must dig deep into official data sources. To make the search easier, you can use GoLookUp's true people search services, and protect yourself from the risks that certain lies can hide.  

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