How To Win Real Money for Free at No Deposit Casinos

NoDeposit365 reviews over 200 no deposit casinos. These are a good place to start.

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Generic casino 311
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It is true that you can win real money at no deposit casinos. But the amounts won will not be huge. The objective is to make you at ease with online casino gaming and help you build a starting bankroll. This is different from the US Powerball, where the wins are life changing, but millions have spent their lives trying without a single small hit. 
NoDeposit365 reviews over 200 no deposit casinos. These are a good place to start.
This article covers the following topics.
1. No deposit bonuses
2. No deposit free spins
3. Freeroll online casino tournaments
4. Freebie promos at no deposit casinos
5. Loyalty rewards at no deposit casinos
6. Terms and conditions
No Deposit Bonuses
The best online casinos offer free bonuses, usually to new players, without the need of a deposit. This is a lump sum amount that they can use to try out the casino games.
After you meet the bonus conditions (these are discussed below), the winnings will be transferred to your cash account. This is your money – real money, which you can withdraw and take home, or continue playing at the online casino.
No Deposit Free Spins
With no deposit free spins, the online casino does not offer a lump sum free bonus. You will be given a number of free spins on a designated slot game without having to deposit any money.
You do not pay any money to spin the reels of the slot machine but whatever you win will get transferred to your bonus account. You can then wager on the eligible games using the bonus.
As in the previous case, the winnings from wagering the bonus will be transferred to your cash account.
Freeroll Online Casino Tournaments
Tournaments offer a different way of winning real money at online casinos.
All participants play the same game (usually a slot machine), for the same time and with the same starting chip stack. At the end, the players with the largest remaining chip stacks share a cash prize pool.
The best no deposit casinos offer freeroll online tournaments. There is no entry fee for participating but the winners get free real money. This money is credited to your cash account so you can withdraw it whenever you want.
Many online casinos run such freeroll tournaments round the clock so you can just keep playing. A few online casinos credit winnings from freeroll tournaments as bonuses. But you can convert these bonuses to real money for free as explained before.
There are online tournaments that require entry fees. But these fees are not prohibitive and the prize pool is much bigger than in freerolls.
Freebie Promos
Many online casinos offer no deposit bonuses and no deposit free spins to existing players as well. You must know when to look and where to look.
No deposit bonuses are often associated with festive occasions like Christmas or major sporting events like FIFA World Cup.
No deposit free spins are often offered when a new slot machine is released, especially if there has been a lot of preceding marketing hype.
Subscribe to online casino newsletters or check the blog pages for special one-time no deposit offers. Today the best casinos are active on social media. Facebook pages of online casinos may offer trivia contests with free chips as prizes.
Loyalty Rewards
The first step is to build up a free bankroll using the options explained earlier in the article. Then when you wager this real free money there is an opportunity to make more free money from it.
All online casinos offer loyalty reward points for every unit wagered in real money. When you accumulate sufficient loyalty points this way, you can redeem them for cash without any rollover requirements. That cash is also free money.
In very few online casinos loyalty points are redeemed for bonus money with rollover requirements. You will have to do a little more work to convert the bonus to cash.
Terms & Conditions
• All offers come with terms and conditions. These are different from casino to casino and may even be different for each bonus or promotion.
• You will have to check each time and understand the conditions.
• The most common condition for converting a no deposit bonus to real money is rollover requirement. This is also referred to as playthrough requirement or wagering requirement.
• You have to wager an amount that is a stated multiple of the bonus before you convert it to real money. This amount has to be generated from the bonus and the winnings from the bonus.
• If you lose the amount before meeting the wagering requirement you will be unsuccessful in converting the bonus to real money.
• But do not let this dishearten you, because offers for no deposit bonuses keep coming.
• Some of the other conditions include game restrictions, bet size restrictions, time restrictions and limits on cash amounts that can be won.
• There are many safe and reputed online casinos so there are ample opportunities available.
Final Tip
Let winning real money for free be only an initial objective and not a long term goal. Once you have learnt the ropes then make a deposit. You can start with a small one. There is much more to be won from your own investment and you will have a more enjoyable outing when you play with more freedom.