Is a keto diet the best way to lose weight?

Obesity or overweight is one of the biggest health crises that masses don't seem to care enough about.

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Obesity or overweight is one of the biggest health crises that masses don't seem to care enough about. According to a report by the WHO (World Health Organization) a United Nations' prominent part there are roughly about 650 Million obese people in the world which is quite alarming. Any of these numbers are only the ones that have been reported in one way or another. Obesity has caused serious health problems for masses all around the globe, its major casualty is high cholesterol, health problems, high blood pressure, depression, and countless more life-ending diseases. The major reasons behind obesity are fast-food products, high cholesterol food, no exercise, and low-level diet. Experts warned that a person who indulges in obesity is very much likely to not live through his early 50s.

So, what can be done about it? We learned about the causes and effects of Obesity but is that incurable disease, the answer to that question is NO. nothing is incurable and when it comes to obesity there are many easy and cheap methods to tackle it down, and it would be very hard to talk about all the methods that can be taken as a potential treatment for overweight so we are just going to talk about one. This method is very less expensive close to no money and quite easy to adapt to your routine as well it called the Keto Diet.


What is the keto diet?

A keto diet refers to a ketogenic diet, which contains a high amount of fats, adequate-protein, low-carb diet. The core purpose of having such an enriched diet is to extract more calories from protein and fat than from carbs.

There are 6 famous keto Diets which are used by the majority of Keto Diet intakes;

·        Low Carbo Hydrated Diet

·        Low Fat Diet

·        Atkins Diet

·        Gluten-Free Diet

·        Low-Calorie Diet

·        Paleolithic Diet



Will Keto Diet help you lose weight?

The simple answer without any strings attached to this question would be YES.

Yes, Keto Diet will surely help you out in your quest to lose your fats and weight, unless you have any special condition or your body is immune to changes and, in that case, you shouldn't even be thinking about thinking Keto Diet let alone taking it.

So, lets shed some light over shark tank keto pills work mechanism, does it work and if it does then how?

There are some prominent ways by which shark tank keto pills shows its magic,

Protein Intake:

Protein is a weight killer and many Keto Diets have a huge amount of Protein in them.

Low Appetite:

Keto Diets makes you feel full and reduce your appetite which directly leads to lower intake of food

Fat Burning:

Keto diets are very hostile towards fats and that is the major reason why you lose your weight so rapidly, Keto Diets burn your fats that you intake in your daily meals daily.



Is the keto diet safe?

When it comes to the advantages and vitality of one element one must not neglect its downsides too. As the world is based upon balance which means if there is an upside to one thing according to one perspective then there will be a downside to the same product from another perspective and the same goes for Keto Diet. It may come as a surprise to you that Keto Diet was not used or invented for the weight loss purpose its major purpose was to be given as a diet to children with Epilepsy to tackle seizure. It later became a sensation and gained popularity as a weight-reducing substance. The research on Keto's ability is to cure or reduce weight hasn't been finished yet and is very limited given its gravity. 

Some of its major Side Effects are;

1-    You might get hit with the "keto flu."

2-    Constipation could be just around the corner.

3-    There's also a side effect called "keto breath."

4-    You'll probably be thirsty all the time and frequent urination.

5-    People report less hunger and a diminished desire to eat after adopting a ketogenic diet.

6-    Many say they feel less brain fog.

7-    your kidneys might get stressed.

8-    Reduced athletic performance and foster lethargic behavior.

9-    1Weight regains.

10-     Less muscle mass decreased metabolism.

11-     Increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.

12-     Drowsiness, dizziness leading to sleep problems.


When asked Nutritionists about their view on a keto diet, the result and reviews were very diverse. Experts from big medical institutions from all over the united states couldn't seem to find common ground about the use of a keto diet as a weight loss diet and its safety on its intake's body. However, some agreed on one thing that Keto Diet and its phenomenon of weight loss are only temporary and it doesn't hold up for the long haul. The most agreed-upon point that since the keto diet is still under research, it should be taken under the medical supervision of the nutritious. Another wide range of reviews included its ability to cause fatigue and weakness in the muscles, some even said that it could cause a permanent state of Starvation which would be quite absurd since it was supposed to tackle it. But it wasn't all negative, many were in its favor giving that other cures for obesity are either expensive or too hard to adopt into routine but let's be honest whatever the case might be, Keto Diet has taken the world by a storm and people are using it in bulk and it also seems to be working fine. Those who are worried about its Side effects can remain calm because there hasn't been any reported health breakout because of Keto Diet and the expert who feel skeptic about it are only saying it because it still is in research and they don't know the whole picture.