Mediterranean Diet

A healthy Mediterranean meal

Mediterranean diet linked to lower preeclampsia risk in pregnant women - study

The team of researchers found that women who conceived while adhering to the anti-inflammatory diet had a significantly lower risk of developing preeclampsia.

A Mediterranean diet could boost fertility in both women and men

Modifying preconception nutrition to better adhere to food-based dietary guidelines is a non-invasive and potentially effective means for improving fertility outcomes.

A healthy Mediterranean meal

Live in Israel, want to lose weight? Return to Mediterranean diet - study

Prof. Iris Shai: We learned from the results of the experiment that the quality of the food is just as important as the total number of calories consumed.

1,500-year-old jugs reveal how Romans kept their wine full of flavor -study

While the existence and importance of wine are well known to scholars, exactly how ancient Romans kept their wine safe and full of flavor was yet unknown.

Introducing the diet that can lengthen your lifespan

Everyone who goes on a diet does it to lose weight, but what if as a bonus you can also prolong your life?

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What is the Nordic diet and how can it help you lose weight?

The "unique fat composition" of the Nordic diet may contribute to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, shows a new study from Copenhagen.

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Israel nutrition

Can a green Mediterranean diet help keep you young? - Israeli study

Israeli researchers found that a green Mediterranean diet can slow down age-related brain atrophy.

  Olive oil

5 things you need to know about olive oil

Yes, it's healthy, but what don't you know about excellent extra virgin olive oil?

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Health Ministry releases chart detailing benefits of Mediterranean diet

The ministry particularly highlighted the importance of healthy eating with the new chart in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Diet (Illustrative Photo).

Can consuming your own poop's microbiome help you lose weight?

As many regain lost weight after six months of dieting, researchers see if a microbiome capsule can help keep the pounds off.

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