A healthy Mediterranean meal

Live in Israel, want to lose weight? Return to Mediterranean diet - study

Prof. Iris Shai: We learned from the results of the experiment that the quality of the food is just as important as the total number of calories consumed.

TikTok video trend fuels ‘toxic diet culture’ among teens, young adults - study

Although many of the pranks are dangerous, stupid or demeaning, the effect TikTok has on the eating habits of their viewers is much more dangerous, according to new research.

A woman smokes a cigarette as she sits on a bench in Liverpool

‘Too little exercise, too much obesity and too much smoking’ - health survey

Latest national health survey shows Israeli adults of all backgrounds have plenty of room for improvement.

Sustainable weight loss: Changing the paradigm for health - opinion

Those who study and are the experts in weight loss will tell you that the key to success is being on a program that is sustainable.


This simple test will check if you’re at a healthy weight

Want to know if your weight is high and endangers your health? A really simple and quick method can tell you if you need to lose weight.

By Walla!
  Buffet of food

Who is best suited for gastric bypass surgery? Expert explains

Here’s everything you need to know about one of the most common surgeries performed today: Gastric bypass surgery.

  Sleeping (illustrative)

You lose 300 calories a day sleeping, study claims

Who wouldn’t want to lose weight without a single drop of effort? New research has found an easy way to do this and it doesn’t require you to move even one bit.

By Walla!

Study discovers why some obese people are protected from some diseases

A peer-reviewed study finds that specific genes may determine whether obese people are metabolically healthy.

Stable BMI linked to improved protection from dementia progression - study

While the study does not fully contradict the obesity paradox, it does reveal that the reality is far more complicated.


Women's orgs fight sexist ad promoting weight loss for marriage

Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz: "A bas Yisroel (daughter of Israel, or young Jewish woman) should be cherished for her neshama (soul) not be shamed for her body image."

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