James Watts Shares 5 Tips To Succeed In Business

With the help of his experience, learning, and progress in the business world, James Watts has been guiding individuals all over the world.

 (photo credit: JAMES WATTS)
(photo credit: JAMES WATTS)
With the help of his experience, learning, and progress in the business world, James Watts has been guiding individuals all over the world. By learning from his setbacks and keeping a close on his wins, he has been able to produce astonishing results in a very short period. 

After getting extensive knowledge of the market and the industry, James has been able to identify that 8 out of 10 people tend to give up and step back at the first sign of failure. Having gone through various failed startups himself, James was aware of how saddening it can be but it is crucial to dust yourself and stand back up. To help the young generation find some motivation and stay on the path for progress and prosperity, James shares with us his 5 tips to succeed in business. 

1. Stay Persistent

In entrepreneurship, it is important to remember that persistence is the key. With persistence and perseverance, James also focuses on networking and spreading out your branches. By stating that, ‘A key part of networking is that you have to give before you get’. This will strengthen your stance in the industry, give you an edge, sell efficiently, and broaden your horizon. Like in the game of Monopoly, you must slowly build your business, and be persistent all the way till the end.

2. Know Your Audience

James also believes in knowing your customer’s needs and requirements inside out. He says the idea should be to find an audience and then customize the product rather than putting a product out in the hopes that it will attract customers. This customer-centric approach is what has given birth to his 100% success rate in his new ventures. It is a great way to save costs and attain efficiency.

3. Change With The Change

With the ever-changing dynamics of the industry, James stresses the need to constantly move with time. Getting stuck in one place will only result in rusting you and your business. According to James, ‘It doesn’t matter if you’re not born to be a salesperson, what matters is how you choose to work on that fact.’ Instead of lounging on your sofa, binging on Netflix at the first sight of failure, one should learn to change with the change. Learning from your mistakes and bouncing back is crucial.

4. Be Open To Sacrifices

Starting something from scratch can be scary but James stresses the need to stay focused and stick to your plan even if you face a few hurdles along the way. On his journey to becoming a self-made millionaire, he had to make plenty of sacrifices, investing all his savings. The vicious business world will demand a few sacrifices from you here and there but a new business demands your utmost attention and focus if you intend on taking it to the next level.

5. Stay Patient

Lastly, always keep in mind that patience is a virtue. Don’t put all your expectations on the newly founded business and expect it to make you a millionaire. Remember that all good things will be worth the wait. Commitment and a headstrong attitude can take you miles. Stay patient and focused, and the world can be your oyster.  


Starting up a new business might seem intimidating but if you are prepared for what’s coming ahead, there is nothing that can deviate you from completing your journey to success. James believes that by increasing networking and market research, one will always be able to evolve with the change. Give your all to your business and watch patiently as it unravels into a successful empire.