Jonathan-Simon Sellem wants to revive the story of Max Nordau

  (photo credit: Jonathan-Simon Sellem)
(photo credit: Jonathan-Simon Sellem)

In January 2023, for the first time, a book in English will be published on the history and life of Max Nordau. Genius of his time, Israelis know his name from the boulevard that bears his name in Tel Aviv. But almost everyone seems to have forgotten that he was Theodor Herzl's man of trust.

"Max Nordau, much more than a Tel-Aviv Boulevard" ,written by Jonathan-Simon Sellem, delves into the life of Theodor Herzl's right-hand man, Max Nordau, through the use of Nordau's speeches and letters. Sellem seeks to remind readers of Nordau's importance in Jewish modern history.

Max Nordau was a famous 19th-century physician, writer, and political activist who played a key role in the early Zionist movement. He was a close associate of Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern political Zionism, and served as the vice-president of the World Zionist Organization. Nordau is best known for his work in promoting the idea of a Jewish homeland in Palestine and his efforts to encourage Jewish immigration to Palestine.

In addition to his political activism, Nordau was also a prominent writer and intellectual. He wrote extensively on a variety of subjects, including literature, philosophy, and psychology, and was particularly known for his critiques of modern society and culture. Nordau's most famous work is probably his book "Degeneration," in which he argued that the decadence and degeneration of modern society was leading to a moral and cultural decline.

Nordau's ideas and writings had a significant impact on the Zionist movement and on Jewish thought more broadly. He is remembered as an important figure in the history of Zionism and as a key contributor to the development of modern Jewish identity.

Prior to this book, Sellem had already published several historical works. "The True Protocols of the Elders of Zion" was the first book to contain the complete protocols of the First Zionist Congress... This work was qualified as a best-seller by Forbes. And in 2021 he published a French historiography of Haïm Weizmann, the first Israeli president.

Jonathan-Simon Sellem is a former journalist, nowaday's highly successful French-Israeli spin doctor who has worked with numerous presidents and prime ministers around the world. His expertise in communication has made him a valuable asset to political candidates and companies seeking to communicate effectively in France, Europe, and Africa. He is regularly seen in Africa, so much so that he was recently featured on the cover of Influnce Afrique magazine with the headline: "the man who whispers in the ear of presidents."In the past, Mr. Sellem was involved in French politics where he created a very powerful network within the first presidential circles. It is no surprise that Sellem is widely regarded as the most well-known French-speaking Israeli citizen. In 2013, he was elected by French-Israelis in the first round of elections as "Consular Counselor" with 51% of the votes, against 6 other candidates who shared the rest of the votes. He is also known for his commitment to his community and his dedication to making a positive impact in the world. Overall, Sellem's diverse skills and accomplishments make him a unique and highly respected figure in the fields of communication.

His new book "Max Nordau: Much More than a Tel-Aviv Boulevard" is available on Amazon. A series of lectures will also be given in February in the United States. If the dates are not yet definite, we already know that he will be in Washington DC, New York, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles, in order to revive the memory of Max Nordau.

This article was written in cooperation with Hannah Madison