Mann Robinson lists 7 traits of successful people

  (photo credit:  Christain Hampton)
(photo credit: Christain Hampton)

We all have our lists of favorite successful people. Even if we do not actively follow their lives or lessons, we do look up to them and try to emulate their choices and career paths in some way or the other — all in the hope of bringing our lives up at par with the success they’ve achieved. 

With a string of successes on the personal and work front, Mann Robinson is one such individual from whom all of us can learn a lot. While emulating his successes could indeed be the ultimate goal for most of us, Mann Robinson makes it easier for all those who wish to learn about his secrets to success. 

Leading us to the path of success that he has been on for several years now, Mann Robinson offers us a peek into 7 essential traits that form the backbone of every path-breaking achiever’s tryst with success. 

Trait 1: The successful are creative yet disciplined

“We often deem creative people to be without discipline and wayward. Some of us even peg their creativity to step out of the mundane to their urge to do things differently without conforming to existing norms. But how true is this notion? 

“While this is true to a certain extent, you will often find that those who find success are those who make the most of their creativity by reining in its power through discipline and self-control,” says Mann Robinson. 

Using creativity to change the norms but doing so by being self-disciplined helps us gain respect. “Do it right, and you will have the whole world adapting to your ways. Do it wrong, and you will be shunned,” warns Mann Robinson. 

Trait 2: The successful have a constant urge to improve on all fronts

“We often look at the schedule of a successful person and wonder how they manage to get so much done,” says Mann Robinson. “Well, they manage to get so much done because they give in to only one urge – the constant urge to get things done.” 

Successful people possess a lot of knowledge and skills only a few can boast of, and have an air of wisdom around them. Were they born with these traits? 

“Absolutely not!” exclaims Mann Robinson. “If this was true, we’d know at the very beginning about who is destined to be successful and who isn’t. Successful people build their lives around these strengths by constantly working on them.”  

Trait 3: The successful are committed to learning and teaching

“Successful people are all great learners and, of course, great teachers,” says Mann Robinson. “Tell a successful person something new, something interesting, and you will find them to be your best students. Then witness them sharing their life’s lessons, and you will find them to be the greatest of teachers.”

This dual personality of successful people is the secret to their knowledge and their yearning to disperse it. 

“When we learn from every quarter, we learn quite a lot. When we pass on these teachings to every quarter at our disposal, we set up their paths to success too,” says Mann Robinson. 

Trait 4: The successful know early in life what they want

Most of us go through our lives constantly changing our goals and wondering if what we think we want is even what we truly want. 

On the other hand, even if they have spent the early part without achieving much, successful people are constantly trying to improve themselves. They do all they can to improve their personal and work personalities and take on tasks that help them get better in every way. 

“So, even when it seems that the lives of successful people have been uneventful, deeper insights will let you know that with their eyes on the prize at all times, they have been hard at work all along,” reveals Mann Robinson. 

Trait 5: The successful are persistent even in the face of adversities 

“Whether it is a sprint toward success or a marathon, persistence is key,” says MANN ROBINSON. “By being persistent, you can climb over even the tallest of odds.”

We often see successful people as calm and composed beings. Yet, under all that calm is a raging storm of persistence, a value that helps them overcome even the staunchest of challenges. 

“When you are trying to achieve the extraordinary, adversities are bound to halt your progress,” warns MANN ROBINSON. “Use persistence to tear down these barriers, and you will be just fine.” 

Trait 6: The successful value their own time and the time of others

“Offer time the respect it deserves, and destiny will reward you accordingly. This is a mantra I firmly believe in, and I know other successful people believe in it too,” reveals Mann Robinson. “When we respect our own time, we also learn the value of the time that others take out of their lives for us. This helps us make the most of every minute, for us and for them too.” 

Reaching your goals is all about using the power of time effectively. 

When you use time well, when you use every minute to learn, adapt, evolve, teach, do, and then rest and rejuvenate, you know you are making optimal use of your life. This, in turn, will help you achieve the finest in life. 

Trait 7: Lastly, the successful first walk with the community and then work for the community

“One for all and all for one; this isn’t just a bunch of inspirational words. It is a cry of passion all our lives should be based upon,” says Mann Robinson.  

Successful people derive the true meaning of this phrase early. From the very beginning, whatever they do, they do with the community in mind. Their community first begins with immediate family and friends. It then expands to include employees or colleagues. Then, when enough success has come their way, it encompasses a more significant part of society.

“True success can be achieved only by implementing solutions that work not just for an individual but for an entire community. Only when we help others achieve their goals in life can we add their success to our own. This trait makes us even more successful than we are as individuals, and in the true sense too,” reveals Mann Robinson.

Why MANN ROBINSON believes these 7 essential traits are the key to success

“It’s all about finding the perfect balance of work and life that streamlines your efforts and brings to the forefront a wholesome life,” says Mann Robinson. “No individual harboring discontent on the personal front can find success on the work front. Even if such success is achieved, it will be short-lived and far from satisfying or pleasing.”

“Success is a mix of all these 7 traits. Get the balance right, and you can live not just a successful but happy and inspirational life,” concludes Mann Robinson.

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