Mao Lal of Deutsches Edelmetallhaus – the entrepreneur disrupting the blockchain industry

Serial entrepreneur and founder of Coinygram LTD, Mao Lal, continues to set the pace in the blockchain technology industry with innovative solutions for businesses and individuals

 (photo credit: MAO LAL)
(photo credit: MAO LAL)
Mao Lal started his entrepreneurial journey in 2003 following the founding of the “Deutsches Edelmetallhaus” and it has been an amazing 17 years of greatness for the blockchain enthusiast. Following the successes achieved by his first baby - Deutsches Edelmetallhaus, Mao Lal went ahead to create two companies. The decision to launch two more companies was inspired by the decision to help as many businesses and individuals to harness the features of the blockchain technology.

I recognized the signs of the times and consciously took up the trade of precious metals. In retrospect, my assumption has been confirmed: The trading of gold, silver, and other rare commodities has taken on an increasingly important role in the financial sector. I had a similar premonition in 2010 when a new digital and decentralized currency became more and more popular: The Bitcoin. The more I became involved with the idea behind the innovative construction of the decentralized managed currency, the greater my enthusiasm became, which remains unbroken even today, about 10 years later,” said Mao Lal.

It's absolutely clear to me: Even if the Bitcoin itself may disappear at some point, the idea and the concept behind it will remain. It is the future!” Mao continued.

Mao is the founder of Bitson Management GmbH,, Deutsches Edelmetallhaus,, and Coinygram LTD, Mao and his team at Bitson aim to help people enjoy the freedom of building up an additional income by leveraging the blockchain technology. Of course, such individuals should be ready to deal with the technology, the products, and the opportunities and risks behind them, which is where the team at Bitson Management is helping clients to make informed decisions.

The passionate blockchain enthusiast is also looking to continue his revolutionary move with his other companies while partnering with other interesting institutions to bring the dream to live.

On the other hand, I see the disruptive power behind the blockchain technology. It will redefine existing industries, destroy individual markets, and create new ones. Together with Bitsons Management GmbH, we develop innovative products and services together with our customers and partners that take up the advantages of the block chain technology and integrate them into existing industries,” said Mao.