Meet 5 of our 25 students from China at the Raphael Recananti International School

  (photo credit: Reichman University)
(photo credit: Reichman University)

I had the opportunity to meet with our Chinese students studying at Reichman University. Coming from different walks of life and varying in age, my conversation with them was eye-opening and inspiring.  Many of them stated that their reasons for coming to study at Reichman University was what they expressed, as a common and shared purpose with the Jewish culture and the Jewish state. 

According to Chia Hui Lau, studying for an MA program in Organizational Behavior and Development and currently in her first year, "the way business and commerce is conducted as well as the entrepreneurial nature of this country is something that I recognized within the Chinese culture as well. When I was ready for my next phase in life, I felt that Israel was my top choice".  Chia continued to state that for her, the interdisciplinary nature of Reichman University was a big factor in her decision to study here. "I believe that many disciplines combined can allow us to accomplish our goals in the most effective way. In the program we have access to a range of different subjects. In addition, many of my lecturers teach us from life experience. I appreciate the fact that they are not only teaching theoretically, but from their own experience in the field. Courses are designed to give us many hands-on experience to practice what we learn". Chia's daughter, Gladys is also currently studying at Reichman University and in her first year of her Psychology degree. 

Many of the students also expressed a desire to study at Reichman University because of its entrepreneurial reputation. According to Yazhi Zhuang, 31 years old from Shenzhen, GuangDong and currently studying her MA in Behavioral Economics at Reichman University, "I read the book Start-Up Nation and was very impressed with the narrative. Israel is a great place for innovation and growth, an entrepreneurial country where many innovative and technological companies are initiated. I found this exciting and decided to see it for myself. Reichman University is recognized as one of Israel’s most prestigious education institutions in China, has great faculty and learning environment, and a welcoming international atmosphere. This felt like the best place to maximize my potential and start the next chapter of my life".

For Jian Song, 40, currently studying in the Global MBA program, the idea of Israel as a start-up nation was a very attractive option and encouraged him to come study here at Reichman University. "With a population of around 8.5 million, it has the largest number of startups per capita in the world, around one startup per 1,400 people. I also see many similarities between the two countries, with the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit very much alive in both the nations. Reichman University, as the only private university in Israel, has a pioneering and innovative approach to interdisciplinary higher education, and I found this an attractive choice for me".

According to Zhou Rui, 28, studying for an MA in Financial Economics was a very attractive option, "the International program conducted fully in English is a perfect fit for me. The high standard of academics as well as practical nature of the program has allowed me to push myself towards my goals".

When asked if they are happy with their choice, Chia sums up her experience as a positive experience, " my studies have helped my understanding of the culture and enabled me to gradually feel more connected to the people here".

  (credit: Reichman University) (credit: Reichman University)

Yazhi Zhuang, 31, Shenzhen, GuangDong and studying her MA in Behavioral Economics at Reichman University

  (credit: Reichman University) (credit: Reichman University)

Jian Song, 40, currently studying in the Global MBA program at Reichman University

Zhou Rui, 28, studying for an MA in Financial Economics

Chia Hui Lau, studying for an MA program in Organizational Behavior and Development with her husband

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This article was written in conjunction with Reichman University