Meet Franklin Seeber, leading YouTube star and content creator

 (photo credit: FRANKLIN SEEBER)
(photo credit: FRANKLIN SEEBER)

Like many kids who are passionate about wildlife and the natural world, Franklin Seeber grew up watching the late and legendary Steve Irwin get up close and personal with a diverse and often terrifying range of wild creatures. Watching the great man at work had a profound influence on the young Franklin, who vowed he wanted to do something similar when he came of age. 

Fast forward a decade or so, and Franklin has used his love for and knowledge of animals and turned it into a hugely successful YouTube channel. The new naturalist on the block has introduced millions of people across the globe to the wonders of the animal kingdom with content that is inspiring, engaging, and educational. 

“I’ve always been passionate about the great outdoors and have been captivated by my animals ever since I can remember,” recalled Franklin. “Inspiring people to leave their houses and interact with and learn about other species is like a dream come true for me.”

Franklin’s first tentative forays into the world of filming began when he combined his love of fishing with his love of video content. “In the early days I was a complete novice when it came to filming, so I hit upon the idea of getting friends and family to steady the camera, while I hooked the bait, cast the line, and waited for something to bite.”

The formula worked wonders. Franklin’s weekly vlogs on the art of fishing became a runaway success. The revenue earned allowed Franklin to reinvest in his blossoming business, and as the films became more sophisticated, Franklin also began investing in more fish tanks, and then a pond to add a new element to his channel. 

Taking the time to enhance his content paid off big time. Within a year of posting content on YouTube, Franklin was awarded that much sought after plaque creators receive from the social media giant when they reach their first 100,000 subscribers. It was a massive milestone but it was only when he received a handwritten note from YouTube to celebrate hitting 1 million subscribers that Franklin allowed himself a little celebratory pat on the back.

“It was definitely an OMG moment,” explained Franklin. “It’s an amazing buzz to think the videos I create are like small time capsules that have a staggering reach. Yet it’s an even bigger buzz to think I have inspired millions to find out more about the animal kingdom and how we can successfully interact with them.”

The 22-year-old from Florida has already achieved so much, but as far as Franklin is concerned, the adventure is just beginning. He is currently on a mission to hit ten million subscribers and has plans to keep on educating more and more people about the wonders of wildlife. 

As Steve Irwin would say, “Crikey mate!”