Israeli scientists find combined weight of all bugs on Earth - study

The collective weight of terrestrial arthropods is about 1 billion tons, which is roughly the same as the weight of all people and farm animals on Earth combined.

What does Israel's chief birder think about birds of the Jewish state?

Prof. Yossi Leshem sat down recently with the Magazine to give his bird’s eye view of the avian populations that cross the Israeli skies.

A gorilla eats the traditional Matza (unleavened bread) in preparation for Passover

Kyiv Zoo keeps Tony the gorilla warm despite daily power cuts

Tony, and his other primate friends, need to be warmed by a wood fire oven as Russia has targetted Ukrainian power and heating.


Colorado bear takes 400 selfies with wildlife camera in one night

A black bear has amused experts with 400 selfies, using a motion-detection camera.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio names newly discovered snake species after special someone

The new species was discovered in the Panamanian jungle and exclusively eats snails and slugs.

Young chimpanzees less impulsive than human counterparts, study finds

Young chimpanzees and human teens share risk-taking behaviors, American psychologists and anthropologists find.

Grazing animals on desert land can help the environment - Israeli study

Grazing affects many ecosystems, especially in light of climate change and increasing human activity.

The North African Ostrich makes a comeback from near extinction

This sub-species of ostrich, also called 'red-necked ostrich', almost went extinct in the wild but was recently reintroduced in Israel.


Humanity's relationships with animals have become toxic - review

Woolfson carefully and methodically discusses the relationship we humans have with the world of other creatures and how that relationship, in many ways, has become toxic. 


Name a roach at Toronto Zoo - a fitting tribute to your ex on Valentine's Day

The perfect charitable $25 dollar tribute is already sold out for 2023.

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