Meet the Wealthiest Cigar Prodigy from Morocco, Moulay Omar Zahraoui

Powered by his passion and fearless attitude to create a trend of sorts for his highest-quality cigars in the world, Moulay has created his own niche in the tobacco industry.

Moulay (photo credit: MOULAY OMAR ZAHRAOUI)
(photo credit: MOULAY OMAR ZAHRAOUI)
In a world that is so obsessed with overnight successes, real stories that spread across true inspiration amongst people around the world are the ones about determination, courage, and a strong will that stops for nothing or nobody, creating a strong impact on people. Stories that pump in the energy of many other youngsters in the world are about people who believed they could and so did they. Similar inspiring story is of a young 29-year-old entrepreneur from Africa, who today has gone ahead many of his contemporaries in the vast field of tobacco, creating innovative and one of a kind cigars in the world; he is Moulay Omar Zahraoui.

Even after being much aware of how people see smoking as an activity, which is considered to be hazardous to health, Moulay has created his premium quality cigars that add to the entire vibe of having a leisure time. In fact, his products are of the superior most quality that gives that worldly and suave experience to customers.

Since the beginning, Moulay showed qualities of being a high-performing entrepreneur. Born in 1991 in Casablanca, Morocco, he studied from Rabat American School and completed his education from the University of Sunderland. As he grew up, he was still at crossroads to decide which route to take to enter the vast world of entrepreneurship and that's when he saw a boom in the tobacco sector. Learning about the market trends and the potential of growth in the same, Moulay developed a keen interest in making the world's best cigars that could make people crave for more and that which could also give them an elite experience.

It was in 2011 that Moulay founded his brand and factory named Habanos S.A, which happened post the liberalization of the tobacco industry and after he received the license for manufacturing and distributing tobacco. There is a reason why Moulay today enjoys the title of one of the youngest and the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. This is because he began offering people a variety of products like cigarettes, cigars and cigarillos and walked towards becoming a business tycoon who owns a tobacco stock that is worth $50 million already. Another reason that caught hold of the major population of Africa towards Habanos S.A was its focus on creating sophisticated, premium quality and handcrafted Moroccan Cigars, which are made purely from tobacco flavours that are infused with 100% natural ingredients.

Today Habanos S.A is considered as the biggest cigar factory in the entire of Africa under the astute leadership of a young talented mind like Moulay. The company has become a highly prominent name; so much so, that Moulay is ready to expand his business in many other parts of the world as well. He plans to take his brand on the global map and give people an experience of a lifetime with his cigars. He also confessed that they are already in the process to expand the business to the US (New York), London and India (New Delhi).

Apart from all this, Moulay has been planning to establish cigar lounges as well that would revolve around the theme of various dance forms like jazz, salsa, belly dancing, etc. For the lounges as well, the youngster plans to first launch it in his home country and later establish the same on a global level.

Being a successful name in the tobacco industry, Moulay's lifestyle has also garnered much buzz recently. He loves to spend time on Horseback riding and rides his opulent and beast cars like Ferrari, Maserati and Mercedes Benz.

His fearlessness and his courageous attitude have been a winning combination for Moulay all his life, who has gone ahead of many in the industry becoming one of the giants in the business world.