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Deep breaths: Smoking pollution in Tel Aviv

Knesset to take new steps against smoking

Silman questioned police legal department representative Adi Tal why the police give fines for holding a phone while driving but let people drive while holding a cigarette.


Obesity after quitting smoking may be easily avoided - study

A recent study in the prestigious Nature magazine carried out by Israeli researchers found that obesity after quitting smoking has to do with a specific microorganism and may be easily reduced.

Deep breaths: Smoking pollution in Tel Aviv

New Zealand to ban cigarette sales for future generations

New Zealand is combating the purchase of cigarettes - with one of the harshest measures in the world.

Cigarettes and ashtray, illustrative

Israel advances bill to ban cigarette ads in newspapers

The bill, sponsored by MK Mossi Raz (Meretz), would eliminate a loophole in the existing law that exempted newspapers from the prohibition of tobacco advertising. 


Are you at risk for an abdominal aortic aneurysm?

Diagnosis of an aneurysm is essential to prevent a catastrophic rupture event, which may result in the patient's death due to uncontrolled bleeding into the abdomen. 

By Eitan Heldenberg , Zalman Itzhakov
Deep breaths: Smoking pollution in Tel Aviv

Nicotine found in hair of 70% of children whose parents smoke

The researchers wanted to examine whether raising awareness of children's exposure might change their parents' behavior.

Can Israeli entrepreneurs offer pot smokers a better joint?

The new product is called MUJU, an acronym for Multi-Use Joint Unlimited, and retains the best aspects of a marijuana cigarette.


COVID-19: Could vaping make the virus more infectious? - study

The study also found that male mice in particular experienced significantly increased harmful effects when nicotine was added to the vapor.

Israeli cannabis, tobacco use has risen sharply during COVID-19 - survey

Over 1 in 5 Israelis have refrained or delayed medical treatment for fear of catching the disease.

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