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Deep breaths: Smoking pollution in Tel Aviv

Tobacco sellers target youth and circumvent regulations - study

Tobacco shops are shown to be setting up in close proximity to schools * Companies try to find ways to get around the ban of advertising tobacco.

Cigarettes and ashtray, illustrative

Study that found COVID less likely for smokers retracted for tobacco ties

A study which alleged that cigarette smokers are less likely to contract COVID-19 was officially retracted after it was discovered that two of the writers had direct ties to the tobacco industry.

Philip Morris sells death while speaking of 'smoke-free world' - opinion

Saying ‘if I wouldn’t sell this deadly product, somebody else will,’ is comparable to what could have been said by IG Farben, the supplier of Zyklon B to the gas chambers.

Deep breaths: Smoking pollution in Tel Aviv

Israel's 2020 health and environment report, released by Health Ministry

The report examines the challenges in various environmental areas that affect health.

Tobacco firm Philip Morris dreams of 'smoke-free world,' says Israel CEO

Philip Morris Israel CEO Roi Amit says he's here to lead change.

Tobacco is being used as key ingredient in some coronavirus vaccines

"If you wanted to be cynical about it, you could. But we tend to think of it as like at the end of the day, the tobacco plant in and of itself is still just a plant."


Meet the Wealthiest Cigar Prodigy from Morocco, Moulay Omar Zahraoui

Powered by his passion and fearless attitude to create a trend of sorts for his highest-quality cigars in the world, Moulay has created his own niche in the tobacco industry.

Deep breaths: Smoking pollution in Tel Aviv

Hebrew U. finds tobacco companies using loopholes to market to teens

Earlier in the year, new legislation concerning the marketing of tobacco products went into effect, which focuses on a prohibition of the display of tobacco products.

Human trials of tobacco plant-based COVID-19 vaccine begin

Medicago's potential vaccine uses the leaves of a plant from the tobacco family to produce the S-spike protein, one of the three spike proteins of the novel coronavirus.

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