Trying to quit smoking? Here are tips to avoid a relapse when stressed

Stressful situations can tempt ex-smokers to some again, but here are strategies to overcome the urge and stay smoke-free.


Smokers beware: Plastic surgery risks you need to know

Plastic surgeons caution against the risks of combining smoking with plastic surgery, urging smokers to quit for better outcomes and health.

Deep breaths: Smoking pollution in Tel Aviv

High Court to hear case on gov't not stopping second-hand smoke dangers

Almost half of all Israeli households suffer from second-hand tobacco smoke from neighbors' apartments or balconies. Now, the High Court will hear the case against ministries for it.

Do depression and anxiety raise your risk of cancer? New study says no

Scientists have long thought that depression and anxiety can lead to a higher risk of cancer. A new study shows that this may not be the case.


Protecting your heart: 5 small changes to be healthier

Heart Health: Strengthening and protecting your heart through positive lifestyle habits


Israel could save 79,000 lives in 25 years - here's how

HEALTH AFFAIRS: Dr. Gary Ginsberg reveals his plan to make Israelis healthier.

Vapes may have dangerous 'Nice Guy' drugs, THC - Israeli Health Ministry

Synthetic drugs called ADB-BUTINACA and MDMB-4en-Pinaca, part of the Nice Guy “family” of synthetic drugs, have been identified in these products, Israel's Health Ministry said.

Smoking on your balcony? You're still endangering your children - study

A new Israeli study from Tel Aviv University found that even outside, six out of 10 children are at risk of being harmed by tobacco smoke.

Don't be fooled: 5 facts about the truth behind vaping

How safe is vaping, and do the claims made by those marketing these devices hold up under scientific scrutiny? Here are the facts.

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