Memo Salinas Arises As An Outstanding Example For Latin America's Business World

 (photo credit: MEMO SALINAS)
(photo credit: MEMO SALINAS)


The Salinas family name has been tied to Mexican Business success for a long time coming. In order to keep this kind of success consistently going you have to have the mentality of the "fittest of the fit". Most entrepreneurs have been paying attention to his victorious movement in the dazzling business world which helped rejuvenate the Mexican culture, also revamping the soulful energy for his collaborators.

The Salinas family has a faultless standing. In the 1950's, they totally changed the retail economy with their combination business called Grupo Elektra – and Guillermo "Memo" Salinas is emulating his family's example.

My family has consistently been brought up under a "difficult work first, more difficult work after, and individual award comes last" mentality, my folks never truly got me costly things, regardless of whether they could bear the cost of them. Obviously, when I "merited" it in the event that I made astonishing evaluations in school or did well scholastically. This motivated me to have the get up and get it mentality and then the success ensued.

Guillermo´s top notch associations and information regarding different financial columns in finance, law, development, e-commerce, retail and charity makes him one of the top men that's profoundly looked for within the world of trade. As of late Salinas joined strengths with the well-known Jordan Belfort, who is famous for being “The Wolf of Wall Street,” to collaborate and bring Belfort’s extraordinary program “Straight Line Hiring” successfully to Latin America. It is an organization of talent scouts and preparing with top-of-the-line components. With every one of the aggregate players supporting the Salinas' family character, it is improbable that the firm will have a solid foot in Mexico to assault the market in Latin America from here.

Straight Line Employing's project – Planned by Belfort, can be changed in accordance with a business that requires a selecting, recruiting and preparing measure. With a secure framework set up, Straight Line Recruiting adds to a deals-based business by making groups of top-creating sales reps with Belfort's driving deals preparing program. Verifiably, insights have shown what a small number of organizations with first year salesmen commonly produce humble benefits; notwithstanding, with the SLH preparing framework, organizations can see a brisk turnaround with first year recruits making outstanding benefits. 

With Belfort's thoroughgoing recruiting framework set up and Memo Salinas' experience in such unfathomable and different undertakings, the pair intends to invade Latin America, however the worldwide economy. Coming from a chronicled Mexican family that radicalized the retail economy in the 1950's with their tremendous retail business Grupo Elektra, Salinas intends to utilize Belfort's SLH to execute into the entirety of his zones of business. Regardless of whether in monetary arranging, monetary warning, development, promoting, transportation, and even law, Salinas' vision for an ideal enrolling, recruiting and preparing interaction will show through Straight Line Employing. 

As the world starts clearing the way to recuperation after a pandemic-prompted downturn, Salinas and Belfort are equipping to assume control over the market with Straight Line Recruiting's general employing program. To study Guillermo Salinas and his awesome undertaking with Jordan Belfort, visit memosalinas.

Another great thing he has established is his podcast radio show to meet and broadcast not only his own personal activities, but the wanders and achievements of other individual Mexican business people driving the Latin American industry to keep it thriving and continue setting the standard for the Mexican culture.

Memo, has also established EXISTE ABP. He relates a very fascinating story on how it was creatively formed. It was something that happened one day to another following day. I was at my loft in Mexico City, somewhere near the month of April in 2013 and a young lady I was conversing with advised me: "Memo, you should build something to really assist people to strategically and professionally get things done." And I was amazed at what she was saying, and I said, "What? What are you talking about?" and she advised me "You have a great deal of things going in your current life. You appear to have a good time, to be monetarily steady, to be cheerful, and so forth Why not show appreciation and donate your time and effort to offer in return, whatever/anyway you can?" And I advised her "I understand and I will form my own establishment yet it will not have my name, so it truly fills in as a legitimate, genuine reason and it will motivate individuals to be engaged with it for great reasons." And that is the day I chose to create something huge with a lot of purpose which became EXISTE ABP.

In the words of the famous, intelligent, hardworking Guillermo "Memo" Salinas,

(“Don't Procrastinate, Become Doers. Transform Yourselves Into Successful Business Entrepreneurs.”)

To learn more facts about the wonderful Guillermo “Memo” Salinas personally, please visit his website.

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