Model Katia Jundi shares insights on the growth of IGTV amid the pandemic

Katia Jundi and her love for "all things luxe" are well-known in the world of luxury watches and jewelry.

 (photo credit: KATIA JUNDI)
(photo credit: KATIA JUNDI)
Katia Jundi and her love for "all things luxe" are well-known in the world of luxury watches and jewelry. She has carved a niche for herself as a successful businesswoman who revels in the success her hard work has brought her. Katia is an influencer in her own right, and her insights on IGTV growth are practical and useful.

Leaning into her own experience, she says, "IGTV took over the globe's imagination, especially when it was espoused by noted celebrities. With millions of fans following their every move, twice perhaps, (thanks to quarantine), artists did not have to starve for applause. Take the IGTV event @SaveWithStories, for instance, names like Lin Manuel Miranda, Winnie Harlow, and Abigail Spencer gave their time and voices to reading children's stories IGTV. This was a particularly good idea as it combined entertainment with empathy as the donations that came pouring in went towards providing food to children in poorer communities."

According to Katia, "it's the instantaneous-ness that's largely responsible for IGTV going neck and neck with YouTube, its most formidable competitor." Instagram itself seems to be the portal that influencers, celebrities of all types, prefer to share snippets from their lives. "Celebrities interact with their fans," she adds, "more freely than ever before. This urges the average fan to forge a deeper connection with his/her role model, making them respond quickly and strongly to content posted on IGTV versus other channels. It's as if the middleman is out on holiday, and the glass walls of ivory towers have crumbled, and celebrities now stand on the other side, revealed and raw. The inevitable connection extends to IGTV with ease."

Katia has felt and explored the "hidden gems" of IGTV lately. From promoting Chopard diamonds that are "happiest when they are free" to Excalibur as "a Roger Dubuis icon," and more, Katia has been sharing her passion "directly with people for whom luxury is life's brightest spot." She says, "I discovered the real power of IGTV during the pandemic. It made me think that freedom is a state of mind just like creativity, as the videos I created during this period have received some of the best responses thus far."

IGTV is here to stay, even fly. With celebrities, influencers and events all having a go, the largest stage of them all, it seems that finally there's room for everyone.