Musicians: Why You Need a Business Consultant

 (photo credit: RAEDICMEDIA)
(photo credit: RAEDICMEDIA)

Starting out in the music industry is an often-monumental undertaking, one that, no doubt, invokes a great amount of fear, but also terrible excitement in the musician in question. You’ve got your guitar; you’ve got your great lyrics or music sheets under your arm and you are ready to take the world by storm.

But then you go out there, and do what you know and love, that is play music. Yet you find that taking the world by storm is harder than you thought and that even though you have got the heart and the talent, you are still somehow not making it, exactly. 


Well, one would say it is because you do not have a proper consultant at your side, and one would not be wrong. In any sector of business, it is ideal to have someone to guide your way, someone who knows the way things work and who, ideally, has gone through the motions many times before. A mentor, and in our day, you will find one in the form of a business consultant.

Barion McQueen is the founder of one of the leading marketing and personal branding agencies today. The Brand Castle has worked with clients both big and small, and through it all, Barion McQueen has shown an unwavering passion for helping young talent make it big. 

Now, how does this work exactly? A business consultant will work with you or your band, if that is the case, and help polish everything about you, from your image, to your social media presence, and so on, to make sure that you deliver the best possible version of yourself to the world. A good image means more eyes (or in this case, ears) on your work. More attention automatically implies more gigs, contracts, record deals and so on. 

Many budding musicians ask the misguided question “but why can’t I do that all on my own?”. Well, that’s kind of like taking your first surfing lesson and asking why should you need a teacher and not be able to learn it on your own. Quite simply because you have never done this before, and you need someone with knowledge and experience to guide your first steps. That is who the business consultant, in this case, Barion McQueen, is for your music. The teacher, the one who knows all the hot tips and tricks to make your ascent into the music world that much smoother.

Of course, business consultants are not simply for up-and-coming artists. They are also a great choice for a musician who has been in the game a while, but feels stuck, or has perhaps lost his way. You know why it is a good idea to get consulting at this stage in your career? Because people like McQueen have seen this as well. He knows what it is to feel stuck and he has the skills and vision to get you unstuck.

Put simply, a business consultant can give you and your career a boost, no matter where you are right now.