Nelk Boys Take Their Success to New Heights Thanks to Videographer Austin Ermes

If there is one thing Austin is familiar with, it is risk-taking. He understands that without taking risks, you don't reap any rewards.

 (photo credit: AUSTIN ERMES)
(photo credit: AUSTIN ERMES)
Austin Ermes, aka Ausgod, loves videography. That's why he studied how to be a master of the craft at university. His determination, motivation, and dedication led to Austin now working as the director of content for the most infamous YouTube prank channel called Nelk Boys. For nearly three years, Austin has been shooting and editing the brand's videos.

Nelk Boys have an incredibly passionate fanbase made up of Gen Z zoomers and younger Millennials. Nelk Boys have always enjoyed success on YouTube. However, once Austin took over the camera and used his unique style, their popularity skyrocketed. Today, every video racks up millions of views in mere hours. Sure, the main reason why Nelk has become so popular is due to their provocative, controversial, and hilarious videos. However, Austin definitely had a hand in expanding their success even further.

If there is one thing Austin is familiar with, it is risk-taking. He understands that without taking risks, you don't reap any rewards. Anyone who is someone has achieved success by taking risks. For Austin, that meant stepping out of his comfort zone on multiple occasions.

Austin decided to move from Toronto, Ontario to Halifax, Nova Scotia in order to pursue a great opportunity as a videographer. By taking this big leap, he ended up enjoying great rewards in the end. The move to Nova Scotia was not something he initially planned. What was originally going to be a two-hour interview with the founder of an up-and-coming clothing and lifestyle brand would end up becoming a two-day shooting of a "behind the brand" type of documentary. What helped seal the deal for the brand when it came to offering Austin a full-time job was the fact that the mini-documentary got a million views on YouTube in just one week.

With successes like this, Austin developed more courage and engaged in ever-greater risk-taking. His next big risk-taking leap would come while he was still working for the brand in Nova Scotia, as he was also running his own freelance business. One of his freelance clients were the Nelk Boys. He was doing some remote editing for them for a while. One day, the CEO of Nelk Boys, Kyle Forgeard, offered him a chance to live it up with the boys themselves. The offer included an invitation to move to California, where they were located. He enthusiastically accepted their offer and packed his bags.

Taking this leap of faith was something that paid off big for him and Nelk Boys. Austin is now directing all of the content for the Nelk Boys YouTube channel, Instagram page, and their Full Send brand. His work has allowed Nelk Boys to continue their immense success doing what they love doing best...getting into trouble and having a laugh while they're at it.