Ofer Nimrodi: “Public private participation brought a transformation of infrastructure in Israel”

Israel is home to some of the most powerful personalities in history. Anecdotal evidence clearly showcases how Golda Meir help mobilize funds when Israel required financial assistance.

 (photo credit: PR OFER NIMRODI)
(photo credit: PR OFER NIMRODI)

Israel is home to some of the most powerful personalities in history. Anecdotal evidence clearly showcases how Golda Meir help mobilize funds when Israel required financial assistance. Similarly, there are records of unmatched acts of valor and sacrifice by Israelis throughout the nation's history. This rich tradition of patriotism and actions which keep the nation's interest first continues till date. Individuals hailing from different backgrounds have helped to build Israel into a powerful nation that boasts of advanced technology and farming techniques that the whole world replicates. Despite the relatively lesser landmass, the nation has managed to emerge as a strong global entity. This is partly due to the efforts of citizens of Israel and the public-private partnership.

One of the finest examples of the contribution of Israeli citizens to nation-building efforts is that of Ofer Nimrodi. The businessman with wide-ranging interests in media, energy and real estate has immensely contributed to the continued development of Israel in various sectors. Son of a career diplomat, Ofer Nimrodi served in the IDF before pursuing higher education. The compulsory military draft and the family background contributed to shaping the mind and plans of the young Ofer Nimrodi. The family contributed to Israeli society by taking over Ma’ariv media and continuing the highest traditions of integrity by reporting in an unbiased manner.


The group has helped shape public opinion and is a powerful influence in Israeli society. The responsible reporting and editorials help the group to establish and maintain a reputation in the minds of readers. The reach and influence of the media house have also been recognized by the government, which respectfully maintained a distance from media in an effort to prevent allegations of influence. Ofer Nimrodi has extensive experience in various fields of activity, which gives a very broad perspective to handle business interests. After leaving the Israeli defense force, he pursued law, practicing under two of the most famous and distinguished personalities. He went on to become a member of the bar, following which he joined Harvard for a master of business administration course. 


His extensive exposure to military life, hostilities, life as a member of the bar, and as a member of the prestigious Harvard school, gave him rich experience in diverse domains. It is this exposure and experience that prompted him to involve himself in business activities that help governance and the citizens of Israel. The media is rightfully called the fourth estate of society. It is a strong pillar that reports, criticizes, questions and supports the government and citizens. The Ma’ariv group is one among the three major mainstream media houses of Israel. After acquiring this group, Ofer Nimrodi helped to develop it into a more robust and stronger entity. 


On meeting the milestone of transforming Ma’ariv while continuing its legacy, he turned his interests towards another important aspect. Israel has relatively less landmass than many surrounding nations. It is, therefore, necessary for infrastructure to support the requirements with advanced designs and materials. The need for adequate housing continues to expand in Israel as the government launches an ambitious policy of establishing colonies for Jewish settlers. The demand for housing projects and supporting civic infrastructure is therefore high. The world is presently going through a phase of contraction in demand. Consequently, most nations and businesses are shying away from exposing themselves to the risks of a recession. As a result, investment in real estate has drastically come down globally. Ofer Nimrodi worked with various investors, in order to seek investments for real estate projects in Israel. His sustained efforts paid off, as Chinese giants agreed to fund projects that were critical. A the helm of the Israel Land Development Company, he signed up massive infrastructure and construction projects that bridge the gap between demand and supply of apartments and supporting infrastructure. 


Among the projects worth billions of dollars of investments, special mention needs to be made of the 1000 bedded hospital and the 21,500 the homes that are planned to be constructed. Similarly, the staggering office space that will be available after the completion of the ambitious office tower will make it easy for companies to establish a presence and start operations in a business-friendly climate. 


Energy has always been the most important dimension in the development narrative. The availability of energy sources is quickly dwindling. The demand will outstrip the supply in the near future and this will pose challenges to nations all over the world. While renewable sources of energy will expand and meet part of the requirements, the need for conventional sources of energy and fossil fuel will remain high. Anticipating the possible demand in the future and the importance of energy, Ofer Nimrodi’s company entered into discussions with stakeholders to enter the market. The company has won contracts for drilling in locations close to Israel. This will ensure that Israel will have access to additional sources of energy from locations that make the logistical effort easy. The location of energy sources is of prime importance as transportation poses challenges - logistical, economical and security related. 


Under his stewardship the company has ventured into multiple real estate projects globally. The company is constantly on the lookout for expanding presence and diversifying into areas that offer better business outcomes. The portfolio of real estate investments of the ILDC is impressive - straddling hotels, shopping malls, and resorts in Canada, Moldova, Morocco, Poland, and Romania. The able administration of the company and its business interests have helped it to expand at a rapid pace while supporting the nation-building activities. Ofer Nimrodi also maintains the highest standards of integrity in a profession that requires a sense of responsibility. He stepped down from the position at the media house when vested interests attempted to cast aspersions on the integrity of the organization. In order to prevent allegations of wrongdoing, he relinquished all responsibilities, permitting editorial teams to work with complete freedom and continue the good work of the reputed media house.