Ramotion on Building a Strong Brand and Its Importance

Even a new business owner knows that it’s a must to develop a strong brand, but have you ever wondered what exactly it does for a company?

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)


Even a new business owner knows that it’s a must to develop a strong brand, but have you ever wondered what exactly it does for a company? Branding has become somewhat of a buzzword as of late, with several marketers throwing around the term haphazardly. However, it’s a word that could mean different things to different people. For startup companies, this makes things more confusing.

According to Denis Pakhaliuk, СEO of Ramotion, an app development, and UI/UX design agency in San Francisco, branding goes beyond the logo, fonts, and colors used by a business. A brand consists of several things, all of which work cohesively to raise awareness about the company, give it a lasting identity, and set it apart from the competition.

For starters, branding is a process that involves optimizing a company’s design style, storefront, taglines, website, social media profiles, and product quality. Many businesses decide on their logo, typography, and colors and then call it a day. An effective branding strategy, however, must consider what people think and feel about your business.

Customer recognition and loyalty

Business owners shouldn’t underestimate the power of familiarity. In a sea of similar products, there’s a reason why customers choose a specific brand over all the other alternatives as if they don’t exist in the first place. For well-established brands enjoy this benefit because people are familiar with them, and familiarity ultimately breeds trust.

Once consumers begin to develop a sense of familiarity with a product or service, a good brand enjoys a higher chance of attracting the same set of customers. Essentially, they turn into loyal brand advocates, going so far as to recommend the brand to friends and family. Business owners must never forget about the importance of combining an excellent product with effective branding in improving both customer recognition and loyalty.

Consistent marketing

After building a branding foundation, a company finds it more comfortable to align its marketing efforts. For example, a company with a storefront, website, and mobile app must ensure that customers get the same experience regardless of where they choose to do business. A visual identity needs to be set in place, enabling customers to recognize what brand they interact with instantly. Future marketing efforts can branch off the company’s branding foundation and build upon it according to consumer feedback.

This applies to companies in the digital tech industry. Ramotion has worked with Firefox to help them in their rebranding process. Their goal was to create a master brand for Firefox, combining their popular web browser with their existing products and new products they plan to release in the future. By developing a visual identity system, Ramotion transferred the sense of familiarity and trust that Firefox users enjoy the entire Firefox brand.

Credibility and confidence

Every business wants to be taken seriously, but this is only possible with solid branding. It boosts a company’s credibility not only within its customers but within its industry as well. There’s a reason why the most successful companies all have quality products, engaging visuals, and innovative marketing.

Good branding also gives confidence to a company’s target audience. Perhaps more importantly, however, it boosts the spirit of the business owner itself. At Ramotion, great branding is considered the culmination of all the time, energy, and resources that has gone into growing a company, telling its story, and making sure both existing and potential customers hear it. While branding is often done to grab the public’s attention, it also helps the business owner appreciate what he has created.