Ran Raichman – Serving the interests of his clients

Ran Raichman law office (photo credit: RAN RAICHMAN LAW OFFICE)
Ran Raichman law office

“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up,” the slogan that appears on the Facebook page of Adv. Ran Raichman, is more than just a catchy phrase. In the case of Ran Raichman, the head of the law firm that bears his name, it’s an accurate description. Ran Raichman is a dogged and determined litigator with more than 20 years of legal experience, and the law office that bears his name is one of Israel’s leading family and inheritance law firms. The firm focuses exclusively on family law, inheritance, and wills, and its lawyers have accumulated extensive experience and proficiency in every aspect of civil status. In its family and inheritance practice, the firm is particularly renowned for its expertise in complex joint custody cases, disputes in family-owned companies, and objections to wills. Adv. Raichman is an expert in verifying and corroborating wills and can identify forged wills by using criteria such as signature comparisons, the will’s paper age, the type of ink used, unreliable witnesses, and more.

The firm specializes in handling complex family cases and specializes in child custody, alimony, and property, representing both men and women. “We handle everything concerning family law and inheritance, such as wills – in both Hebrew or English, custody and property disputes, and divorce cases,” says Raichman. The firm also deals with marriages, nuptial agreements, child abduction, domestic violence, and the gay community. 

The team at Ran Raichman has had vast experience in providing legal counsel to family companies and businesses and finding creative solutions for preventing and solving disputes in family firms in which equity can often reach tens of millions of shekels. Ran Raichman Law Offices places great emphasis on solving sensitive family disputes through negotiations, and the firm’s extensive experience in such cases enables it to provide providing appropriate legal solutions.

Ran Raichman Law Offices is staffed by a team of five lawyers who are equally fluent in both Hebrew and English and offers a combination of warm, personal service and uncompromising professionalism. Adv. Raichman personally accompanies the clients and provides them with an attentive ear in their moments of crisis. The firm’s team researches each case down to the smallest detail, and it calculates its steps throughout the entire process with full transparency to the clients in order to reach optimum legal results.   

Adv. Raichman regularly appears before all Israeli courts, including the family and rabbinical courts, the Great Rabbinical Court, and Israel’s Supreme Court, is frequently consulted by the media to provide analysis on matters of family and inheritance law, and is the co-host of the Channel 13 legal-advice program, “Attorneys to Your Doorstep.”

In addition to its broad base of clients in Israel, a growing number of Raichman Law Office clients are Israelis living in the United States, who own property in Israel, have inheritance cases that are based in Israel, or are in divorce proceedings, and need guidance in following Israeli law in these cases. US-based courts do not have the authority to deal with property in Israel, and an expert Israeli attorney is needed for these matters. Adv. Raichman maintains an office in New Jersey for his US-based clients and frequently travels to the United States to meet with them.

Ran Raichman and his team are creative and innovative legal thinkers, and the firm can often solve complex issues through original, out-of-the-box thinking. And perhaps most important, he never gives up. “If my clients have suffered wrongdoing or injustice,” he says, I will go all-out for them to serve their interests and obtain justice.”

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