Randi Banks on being featured in several music videos

 (photo credit: RANDI BANKS)
(photo credit: RANDI BANKS)

One of the dominant sources of problems in the world today is depression. It is not enough to face these problems; you need time to heal and adjust your lives. Randi Banks, a former flight attendant cum actress, believes this to be the reason for her success in life. From being a former flight attendant to appearing in several music videos, Randi has done plenty of things in her 23 years of life.

Raised in a very traditional setup near Houston, Texas, Randi’s childhood was different from most. She wished to explore what life had to offer beyond what her birthplace could give her. She was aware that she wanted more than the stereotypical marriage and babies, or visits to church every Sunday for the rest of her life. It left her depressed and anxious to explore her options. Fortunately, she decided to take a leap of faith when the opportunity presented itself. “I always wanted to help people, so a job in the public sector was very appealing to me. I work at animal shelters and children’s hospitals, even retirement homes when I can. I have worked as a flight attendant, and social media knows me as the Monster Energy Drink girl. I have been featured in several music videos,” said Randi.

Despite having a Bachelor’s in Biology, Randi has worked in every sphere other than biology. “I have always lived my life the way I have wanted it. I am a clumsy girl, so I have made plenty of mistakes in the past. Despite that, I made sure that my decisions were my own,” said Randi. She used to be a little depressed when she was younger, and her family’s conservative behavior did not help matters. However, with time, she came to step out of her lifestyle and moved forward in life. “Insecurity can be a huge concern for people like me who work in the public sector. Therefore, I want people to benefit from my experience. Even people like me, who come from a place of pain and insecurity can make it big and be whoever they want,” added Randi.

Randi’s life is the perfect example of a girl who achieved her dreams and became a boon to the world.