Reasons to go for the best Minecraft survival servers

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With more than 130 million players in a month, Minecraft is one of the most well-known gaming titles in this modern era. The re-playable and simple nature of the game is the most solid reason behind its popularity. And the Minecraft servers play a huge role here.

There are varied ways of playing Minecraft because of its sandbox nature. But the best way of experiencing the game is through the survival servers. Again, there are different Minecraft servers, but the Minecraft survival servers are highly popular for their straightforward and simplistic gameplay.

What are Minecraft Survival Servers?

Minecraft offers several gaming modes for the old and new players to enjoy. Start with the base games and get to the endgame destinations. You just need the Minecraft vanillas servers, and there is no need for downloads or mods.

Nevertheless, you can also get to the ending quickly by becoming a speed-runner. One of the most exciting ways of playing Minecraft is in multiplayer mode. This is also known as survival multiplayer or SMP. These are survival servers that allow the gamers to enjoy the different survival aspects of Minecraft with their fellow Minecraft gaming enthusiasts. It does not really matter whether you are playing with strangers or real-life friends, you can all have the best gaming experience on one server together.

But the survival servers are not just about survival intrinsically. You can base them on whatever you want them to be. Therefore, using the term SMP is vague because it does not specifically relate to the survival mode. There are times when the survival servers also serve as community servers for friends to hang out with.

Playing the Minecraft Survival Servers

First, you should have Minecraft installed on your computer to play the survival servers. Next, the steps you need to follow are as under:

  • Load Minecraft and choose add server.
  • Select the Minecraft survival server from the chosen provider. Click on the additional server and type the IP address of the server.

That's it! Start having a fun gameplay session on the Minecraft server. In case you are not enjoying the survival server you have chosen for some reason, select yet another server you would like playing on. By any chance, if you do not find the server you are looking for, get on to Google and select another list of survival servers.

Reasons to Play Minecraft Survival Servers

There is no other online game as enjoyable as Minecraft. The game does have a blocky exterior, but that does not mean it is not interesting. It is quite deep and has a lot to offer to its players.

It will offer you several hours of sheer fun, and you might not even realize that you have dedicated so many hours to the game. But if the basic Minecraft game is so great, why consider the Minecraft survival servers?

Well, there are reasons for this, and you will get them below:

  • Fun Challenge

Survival games generally pose great challenges to the players because it is completely upon the players to build their strategies for survival. With Minecraft survival mode on, you will have to think of different ways of surviving the days while gathering resources at the same time. Also, work on the different ways of fending off enemies.

The survival mode of the game is a battle of skill and wits, putting the players' minds to the test. Furthermore, there are no real-world consequences. Minecraft survival mode is the perfect way for players to test their abilities while having fun at the same time.

  • Huge Variety

The Minecraft survival servers are available in varied forms and shapes. You can find small and large survival servers created by passionate players. The servers also have specific mechanics and themes to attract different players.

There are servers with a major focus on multiplayer vanilla experience, while others are trying to turn things up by adding medieval mechanics or themes from the other games. There are some servers featuring Sims while others feature Pokémon.

So, there's a huge variety for players looking for some change after playing the base game.

  • Scope of Fun with the Community and Friends

One of the greatest advantages of the survival servers is they are fun to play with the community and with friends. The game is already fun for the single players playing the game in individual mode. Nevertheless, you can have much more fun when playing the game with like-minded people.


Playing the Minecraft survival mode is great fun. The only thing you require is the IP address of the server and the perfect downloads for getting started. The survival mode is one of the best ways of experiencing the game, especially for those bored of playing alone. It is the perfect scope to sink deep into the creative gameplay mechanics that the servers have on offer. Simply put, it is the greatest way of socializing without leaving the comforts of your home.

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