REFER App: Changing the marketing landscape in Israel (and soon) worldwide

  (photo credit: REFER)
(photo credit: REFER)

The famous Hebrew proverb "The Jewish head invents us patents" has been a poetic reflection of life since the 1960s. Six decades later, two Jerusalem-based entrepreneurs have introduced a revolutionary app that allows anyone to recommend a specific business and earn money from it.

Quite often solutions are right under our noses and all we need to do is open our eyes and see them. While news programs reported that in 2022 Israel had the highest cost of living among OECD countries, people are striving to increase their monthly income and businesses struggled with exorbitant bank fees and credit charges. 

In the midst of these challenges, some have found an innovative solution that benefits everyone.  This solution comes in the form of an app named REFER, which serves as a bridge between individuals who can recommend a business or service based on their personal experience and familiarity. Created by two visionary entrepreneurs from Jerusalem, Sharon Ard and Attorney Eddy Eliassaf, REFER is built on a sophisticated technology that utilizes word-of-mouth recommendations.

To illustrate, imagine receiving excellent and professional service from a computer technician who repaired several of your devices and sold you a new computer at a very attractive price. Wouldn't you share this experience with your friends? Certainly, and if any of them were interested and asked for the technician's details, would you not provide their name and phone number? The answer again, is undoubtedly yes. However, starting from today, you can take an extra step: you can contact that same computer technician through the REFER app, express your interest in sending him a potential customer and if the customer makes a purchase or receives a service from the technician, you will receive a predetermined commission. The amount of commission depends on you and the service provider.

Once you have the details of the potential customer, who is your friend, you can share them with the computer technician via the REFER app. Utilizing smart features within the app, it tracks the progress of the events. If your friend buys a specific product or receives a service from the technician, you will receive the commission agreed upon in advance with the service provider.

Credit: REFER
Credit: REFER

Sounds simple and straightforward doesn't it? Indeed it is, and without any hidden fine print or asterisks.

Let's put this into numbers. If your friend purchases new computers from the same service provider for a total amount of around 20,000 shekels and you agreed upon a 10% commission, then 2,000 shekels will be credited to your REFER app account due to your recommendation.

Now, consider that over the course of a month, similar recommendations from you and others bring in additional sums of money, wouldn’t this potentially improve your financial situation? The answer is clear, REFER is an ingenious app that can provide you with a respectable side income and potentially even more.

However, not only those who give recommendations can profit from it, but also business owners and service providers in all fields. From the perspective of business owners, this is a change in marketing perception they have known so far. Instead of spending large amounts of money on advertising that reaches customers through social media, with the help of the new feature embedded in the REFER app, business owners, companies, and service providers, both small and large, can approach past customers, family members, or friends and turn them into ambassadors, and encouraging them to bring in new customers in exchange for a reward that is predetermined, within a period of 30 to 120 days. With this act, they can create a promotional campaign that will take them no more than half a minute without any cost, from which all parties will benefit from that recommendation, and present them a cooperation opportunity that will be attractive to them.

This action actually allows every business owner to cut down on regular marketing expenses, and refer up money towards other developments, such as product improvement, quality manpower, and more.

Credit: REFER
Credit: REFER

From a survey we conducted with numerous businesses that gained new customers thanks to recommendations and the use of the app, the significant conclusion is that this is a marketing revolution that constitutes a service and a pattern of action that falls under the category of a WIN-WIN-WIN situation.

By the way, business owners and service providers will be pleased to hear that they will receive a reimbursement from the government for commission fees, as these are considered marketing expenses for anything and everything.

The RFEER app contains other surprising features within it, and all you have to do is download the app and start earning through word-of-mouth recommendations. It's simple, easy, fast, and highly profitable.

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This article was written in cooperation with REFER