Reviving the architecture of historic Tel Aviv

  (photo credit: Binyan Ha’ir Entrepreneurship  )
(photo credit: Binyan Ha’ir Entrepreneurship )

The Leon Residence at 19 Pinsker Street in Tel Aviv is a lovingly restored historical building. The exterior maintains its elegant appearance from the early 1930s, while the interior has been totally modernized, featuring the latest in cutting-edge home technologies.

The Binyan Ha’ir Entrepreneurship group, which specializes in restoration work in central Tel Aviv, purchased the aging landmark building and returned it to its former glory.

Apartments in restored landmark buildings, which are very expensive, are extremely popular among affluent local and overseas buyers. When the renovated apartments in the Leon Residence went on the market, they were snapped up very quickly. The only unit that is still available is a spectacular penthouse on the top floor.

As a cosmopolitan metropolis, Tel Aviv is a relatively young urban entity, just 116 years old. But its architecture is vibrant and varied, comprising ultramodern structures, as well as buildings that exude the old-world charm of yesteryear.

Tel Aviv was built by new immigrants who hailed mostly from Europe. They imported their native architectural motifs, adapting the structures to local climatic conditions. In the process, they created an eclectic style which was influenced by various architectural schools some with ornamental facades.

Tel Aviv, and particularly the central area known as the White City-- where the Leon Residence is located -- is replete with stately historical buildings. As such, many are listed as landmark buildings and cannot be torn down, If they undergo restoration and/or renovation, the building plans must be approved by the municipal authorities to ensure that the essential architectural features are maintained.

  (credit: Binyan Ha’ir Entrepreneurship  ) (credit: Binyan Ha’ir Entrepreneurship )

Living in the vibrant heart of the city

Location is a key element in real estate. That applies beautifully to the Leon Residence, as its residents will be living in the heart of the city. Trendy sidewalk cafes, upscale restaurants and elegant boutiques are within walking distance, as is the tree-lined Rothschild Boulevard, where one can meander to one’s heart content.

For those who enjoy a swim in the summer, the Mediterranean seashore is close by.

The Leon Residence is in the vicinity of the country’s leading entertainment venues as well, with theaters such as Habima and the Cameri, the Opera House, museums and the Charles Bronfman Auditorium, the city’s largest concert hall and home to the acclaimed Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.The Leon Residence’s location means that residents will be able to enjoy much of what Tel Aviv has to offer in regard to entertainment, culture and name brand shopping.And all this in a meticulously restored apartment building that is one of a kind  Listed historical buildings are divided into five categories. The highest category is subject to the most stringent regulations. For example, the façade, the staircases, and the entrance way must retain their original design.

The Leon Residence is listed in the highest category. Thus special care was taken to maintain the integrity of the original exterior features. Inside the building, however, the developers had free rein to convert the apartments into luxurious, state-of-the-art accommodations. 

Throughout the restoration process, green construction methods were used, as well as ecologically oriented materials. While the most cutting-edge technology was used in the building stage, natural elements were factored into the design plan as well, such as wind, sea breezes, and natural light. Thus the newly renovated building still features an ornamental façade, large bay windows with wooden shutters, and a grand entrance hall.

  (credit: Binyan Ha’ir Entrepreneurship  ) (credit: Binyan Ha’ir Entrepreneurship )

 A unique one of a kind penthouse

Originally, the building had three floors – a ground floor and two upper floors. Atop the three floors, two new levels have been added, designed to blend in seamlessly with the existing structure. On each of the two new floors, a lavish penthouse was built. The penthouse on the uppermost floor is the unit that is still available. But being such a unique apartment in such a prestigious building, it will not remain on the market for long.

The penthouse in question has a floor area of 128 square meters, plus 81 sq. mt. of open terrace. The terrace itself is a veritable rooftop garden, abounding with trees, shrubs and flower beds, as well as a built-in watering system which also includes a stunning roof top swimming pool.

The interior of the penthouse is offered on a core and shell basis. That is, the apartment is initially presented as one large open space. Once the penthouse is sold, the new owners will have a free hand to divide the space and creating the ultimate home of their dreams.

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