Safety Tips for riding a moped

Okay, so you’ve finally decided it’s time for you to join the league of mopeds riders. Well, that's a pretty bold move.

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Okay, so you’ve finally decided it’s time for you to join the league of mopeds riders. Well, that's a pretty bold move. Perhaps you've fallen in love with the enthralling sights of moped riders zipping through the city and beating traffics, or you simply need an alternative means of transportation to cut through shorter distances. Whatever your reasons may be, it’s pretty obvious that there are a lot of things to love about mopeds. They are less intimidating than motorcycles, they are cuter than traditional bikes, they are less tiring to ride than motorcycles, and even more, they are much more fuel-efficient than cars. Little wonder why more and more people have been looking to ditch their gas-guzzlers for something a little bit sportier, cuter, and budget-friendlier. But for all the benefits and buzz surrounding a moped, there is no forgetting that a moped is still a vehicle, and like every vehicle, there is a need to operate with caution in mind. That is to say that, mopeds get knocked down too, mopeds get involved in accidents too, and in the worst-case scenarios, mopeds crash too. So before you decide to hit the road and zip through the city like Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday, be sure to read till the end, the set of moped safety tips that I’ve compiled for you below. 
Show some respect
Yes, I get it, you intend riding a moped and not a truck, but even at that, the first safety tip for you as a moped rider is that you should always show respect whenever you're on your two-wheeler. Once you hop on your bike, it might be tempting to just weave through traffics, beat signs, pop wheelies, avoid stops and get lost in the whole vibe, but as a cautious rider, you don't want to do this, because this type of riding can be dangerous and might even lead to injuries or accidents. Take it from someone with a lot of experiences; it never feels great when your body meets or scratches against the pavement. Therefore, whenever you're riding your moped, be sure to respect the vehicle, pedestrians, traffic laws, and other relevant signs.
Gear is king!
Contrary to what you see many riders do, helmets are not the only safety gear you need to ride a moped. Several safety gears are appropriate for a safe moped ride, including visibility aids, clothing, visors and goggles, safety helmets, gloves, boots, noise, and cold aids. But in case you cannot afford all, you should endeavour to, at least, get a quality helmet and the appropriate eyewear. While the helmet safeguards your head against injuries, the eye protection gear protects your eyes from dust, bugs, and severe eye damages. We all know what a stone sound like when it hits a car windshield. Imagine having such an experience on your moped without wearing a protective gear. Therefore, when riding your moped, consider your goggles to be your custom-tailored windshield.
Consider taking a class
When you go for a moped riding class, the first thing you’ll be taught is that "safety is king." And as a newbie rider or even an experienced rider without the right education, this message is the best thing you can get before hitting the road. Safety while riding mopeds is as much about property protection as it is about personal protection. Even though you might have the best moped insurance policy covering your property, what about your life? Do you have a life assurance policy too? Even if you do, it doesn’t return your life to you. To this end, safety while riding your moped should be a non-negotiable discussion. Perhaps you’ve been riding mopeds for ages, but you still haven’t gotten the right education, or maybe you’re just starting in the world of moped riding, taking a class can provide you with every bit of awareness, information, and tips you need to safely ride your moped. Thankfully, there are so many classes for riders online today, so even if you don’t have an academy near you, you can still go online to get the right education. 
Pay attention to the weather
Mopeds are nothing compared to cars in the face of weather changes. The earlier you understand and respect this fact, the better. Before you hit the road, always make yourself aware of weather changes. Even if the weather looks so cool in the morning, be sure to check the weather forecast to know what’s expected later in the day. Rain, for instance, can make the pavement slippery. Add leaves to the mix, and you have an extremely dangerous riding condition. Besides, poor weather conditions can, sometimes, make it challenging to see. Even if you think you've got such great visions and you can still zip through the roads under a cloudy or foggy weather, what about the incoming vehicle?
Sunrise and sunset
During sunrise and sunset, some riders and drivers find it difficult seeing properly. Therefore, always make sure that your taillight, headlight, directional are fully functional at all times.