Skinomatics Shares 8 Things you Need to Know about Stretch marks

Skinomatics (photo credit: SKINOMATICS)
(photo credit: SKINOMATICS)

Body changes during pregnancy are inevitable. Between choosing baby names, dealing with anxiety about being a first-time mum, and preparing for your newborn, stretch marks should be the least of your worries during pregnancy. Yet, most women continue to be anxious about whether their bodies will bounce back after child-birth. Finding out all you need to know about stretch marks can help lift off the burden of worry from your shoulders while you focus on other more pressing issues. 

The primary mission of Skinomatics is to eliminate the physical fears of Childbirth and ensure that women feel confident and beautiful and in control of the outcome of their post-birth bodies. As a company that deals in products for the removal of stretch marks, here are some of the things Skinomatics think every woman should know about Stretch marks.

1. They will not go away unless treated

During pregnancy, your skin rapidly stretches to accommodate your growing body. Stretch marks come about due to the tearing of the skin beneath the surface. Stretch marks can adversely affect your self-image and consequently confidence depending on your attitude. Now you don’t want to be limited in what you can and cannot put on while trying to conceal your stretch marks. If you don’t take the necessary steps towards reducing their visibility, you may not be able to enjoy wearing things that you previously did before your pregnancy.

2. Stretch marks may also result from rapid weight loss or weight gain

Pregnancy is not the only thing that may cause stretch marks. Rapidly losing or gaining weight can also cause these marks to appear on your skin, and therefore you may want to do something about them as soon as you can.

3. You can prevent pregnancy stretch marks 

Using stretch mark creams during your pregnancy can minimize the appearance of stretch marks after childbirth. Skinomatics has an omega-rich elasticizing body oil that increases your skin’s elasticity to allow it to expand without tearing. 

4. The Skinomatics body oil can reduce the appearance by 70%

If you are anxious about stretch marks making you unattractive after your pregnancy, Skinomatics body oil is the oil for you. It significantly reduces stretch marks’ visibility and has a light sheen that leaves your skin looking vibrant.

5. Skinomatics body oil stimulates the growth of your collagen and elastin fibers

The Skinomatics body oil is rich in nourishing Omegas 3, 6, and 9, which hydrate and elasticize the surface of your skin and helps to bond your elastin fibers together by creating moisture from the inside out. This allows your skin to not only regain its elasticity but also to repair itself.

6. Skinomatics body oil contains additional ingredients that provide extra moisture

Your body has been providing for your baby for nine months, and therefore, it has been neglected. The Skinomatics tummy rub contains vegan oils that form a protective barrier over your skin and prevents it from losing moisture, allowing it to re-moisturize.

7. Skinomatics oil has regenerative properties

Some of the ingredients in the Skinomatics body oil like Jojoba seed oil and organic avocado oil have regenerative properties that promote skin renewal and replace the damaged cell with new healthy cells

8. The Skinomatics body oil improves your skin texture and reduces discoloration making the stretch marks less visible

The manufacturer can say anything to lure you into buying their product, but the testimonials never lie. You can find reviews of the Skinomatics body oil on their website and purchase it on pre-order.

The Skinomatics body oil is worth its weight in gold. Grab yourself a bottle today!